Snipers in the Building – Top 5 Shooters at the CYBL (2020)

The skills in basketball are endless.

CYBL NEW LOGO JPEGAs players continue to develop–dribbling, passing, foot work, defense, rebounding to name a few, the dexterity of shooting remains the single most important facet in the game of basketball.

Guided by the NBA’s newest MVP Steph Curry and his uncanny ability to make shots as one of the purest shooters ever seen in NBA history, as the saying in basketball goes, “shooters are always needed”.

This is the list of the top 5 best shooters in the 2020 class during the CYBL’s bantam division that embody the sharp shooting touch that make them a threat from anywhere on the court.

Kobe Elvis (CIA Bounce)

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.11.21 PM

Small in stature but lionhearted Kobe Elvis plays with ferocity and energy that garners him the label as being of a “high motor”. Elvis can shoot the ball too, especially from the right three-point corner which seems to be his sweet spot. In the eventual champion CIA Bounce’s first game of the CYBL showdown, Elvis knocked down an incredible 10 three pointers against the Peel Monstars, cementing in my mind that, he is the best in game shooter at the CYBL. Moving forward Elvis will have to bulk up, increase his handle, and also move his shot from his chest/face to a more elevated peak for the next level.

Luka Sakota (Burlington)

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.11.05 PM

A very fluid shooter with an effortless stroke, Luka Sakota has a real solid touch on the ball. Sakota seems to favour the side of “shooters are made rather then born” when it comes to that question as countless hours in the gym from both him and the training staff at IBSA have contributed to his deadly touch from distance.

Handling and footwork are the next areas of development when it comes to the Burlington products’ overall game on the court.

Scott Jenkins (UPLAY)

scott jenkins

Laser focus is the key recipe to Scott Jenkins’ relentless attack on the basketball court. The Hamilton product’s eyes are always fixated on the task at hand, especially on the rim when he rips the nets with his 30-foot splashes. Jenkins has impressed a lot of observers at the CYBL, particularly with the fact that he is more then just a stand still shooter. His touch on the ball allows him to get to the rim with running one handers, teardrops in the lane, and floaters over the outstretched hands of bigger defenders. Jenkins will continue to improve with a focus on his handling, footwork, and decision-making, which all need to catch-up to his elite shooting ability.

Joshua Delfin (K-Elite)

He could be the hardest working kid at the CYBL bantam division and it shows, as Joshua Delfin is extremely comfortable with the basketball in his hands. His shooting motion and fluidity is about as good as it gets as Delfin can nail the stand still and pull up jumpers with ease, but its his step back jumper that is his go to move. As Delfin continues to work hard, get bigger, stronger, and improves on his explosive first step, defenses will be scrambling to keep the Mississauga product contained.

Marko Maletic (London)

The London Ramblers had a tough go at the CYBL but Marko Maletic left a lasting impression. Maletic is an unconscious shooter whose sweet spots on the floor are anywhere behind the three-point arc. Whether its corner, elbow or top of the arc threes, the London contingents’ lighting quick release is money. Maletic needs to expand his game with an improved dribbling and quicker foot work to be considered a top 2020 prospect, but as far as shooting goes, he could be the deadliest in this top 5.

Honorable Mentions: Inaki Alvarez (YAAACE), Jan Andrada (BAYAN), Marcus Moore (WC2PLAY), Jamal “Lay Lay” Fuller (YAACE), Justice Pretence (CAN ELITE)

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