Fresh On The Scene: Guelph’s Lincoln Rosebush and Matthew Sanvido


Two Guelph, Ontario products picked up MVP hardware this weekend at the Adidas Tri-City Top 40 Camp; Lincoln Rosebush who is a 2018 prospect, and Matthew Sanvido from the 2019 class.

Last year, one of the MVPs, Chris Poloniato was also from the same program and area. Guelph CYO keeps pumping out high IQ, technically sound players that are playing with a chip on their shoulder.

All three of these names showed maturity and willingness to learn while quickly absorbing new information.

Tri-City Top 40 MVPs Lincoln Rosebush and Matthew Sanvido

Tri-City Top 40 MVPs Lincoln Rosebush and Matthew Sanvido

Rosebush’s level headed demeanor was on display all weekend through drill work and games. He has an innate interest in competing and wanting to improve.

Standing at 6’7 and only in the 10th grade he brings a lot to the table with the combination of size, skill and IQ. Rosebush operated well in the high post making good back door reads and was able to turn and face for mid range jumpers and attacks to the hoop.

It was refreshing to see a willingness to accept criticism and understand that he has ways to go. The next stage in Rosebush’s development is about increasing speed and overall athleticism. Nonetheless, this bush is just blooming.

Sanvido was also consistent in production all weekend long. At 6’8, he was the paint protector, as he blocked shots and altered others.

His mobility while running in transition and circling the block stood out on day one and became more prevalent as the weekend progressed.

Guelph’s new big man showed a soft touch around the basket and a knack for grabbing boards. Sanvido is fairly raw with a developing skill set. He has all the tools to become a serious prospect and seems to have the work ethic to match.

Both Rosebush and Sanvido have a ton of upside so we are eager to track their development from discovery to graduation.

Tri-City Top 40 All-Stars

Kuel Thomas (left), Liam Courtney, Matthew Sanvido, Imad Qahwash, Lincoln Rosebush, Simon Chamberlain, Cal Hager (Right)

Devon Smiles (Left), Kuel Thomas, Liam Courtney, Matthew Sanvido, Imad Qahwash, Lincoln Rosebush, Simon Chamberlain, Cal Hager (Right)

Liam Courtney, Devon Smiles, Simon Chamberlain, Cal Hager and Kuel Thomas were all named Top 40 All-Stars for 2015.

The biggest name in this camp was Liam Courtney, who started his weekend off sluggish as a result of all the strenuous training and games his body has been through over the past few months. He has been competing on the Under Armour Circuit with Canada Elite and playing in the CYBL.

Courtney was challenged on day two and three and rose to the occasion by asserting himself more on the defensive end. He was in an environment where he was able to experiment a little by extending his game out 15 feet away from the basket and even hit a few threes. Look out for this name to represent Canada in the near future.

St. John’s-Kilmarnock had more than just Courtney to represent. Chamberlain and Smiles were made the list to make it three All-Stars from the same high school. Both Courtney and Chamberlain contributed at the senior level for an SJK squad that was the number two ranked team in the country for a bulk of the season.

Cal Hager was another ninth grader that was fresh on the scene and made sure he was recognized and not forgotten by his activity level on defense and on the glass. Offensively, he showed versatile scoring while standing at 6’4 making shot from the perimeter and attacking the hoop.

Tenth grader, Kuel Thomas cemented his name on the All-Star list after having a strong final day and showing more control on offense as opposed to the first two days where he did not recognize how to utilize his speed.

We’ll keep tabs on Thomas as he moves to the senior level at Huron Heights in Kitchener for the 2015-2016 high school season.

These names have made it on the national radar but this is just the beginning; its now time to develop skill for the position, build stamina and climb the charts.


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