Scrubb Brothers Put on Offensive Clinic, Carleton Rolls over Saskatchewan

Courtesy: Yahoo
Courtesy: Yahoo

Phil Scrubb had 29 points at halftime, and that’s all she wrote; 48-18 was the halftime score, and the final, 90-50 for the Ravens over Saskatchewan.

“I just felt pretty confident in my shot, and I started making shots early,” explained Scrubb in the post-game.

Put it this way, no player on Saskatchewan could guard him as he put on an offensive clinic, alongside his older brother Tommy Scrubb (will get to him later).

Phil played limited minutes in the second half and finished with a game-high 31 points (23 mins) on 11/17 from the field, and 6/8 from behind the arch.

Defensively, Carleton clogged up the paint, fronted the post and made it difficult for Matt Forbes to get touches. Forbes finished with a team-high 14 points for the Huskies.

“We knew they were going to go through Forbes…we were pretty aware that was where they were going to attack from and we had a game plan for it,” Carleton Head Coach Dave Smart told North Pole Hoops.

It was the first time watching Carleton and seeing them play isolation offense–particularly for the Scrubb brothers. Each was able to have their way in one-on-one situations.

Tommy finished with 18 points, nine rebounds on 8/14 from the field.

“Teams have been doing a lot of making a decision to not let other guys hurt them and play Phil and Tommy straight up,” said Smart.

“So we’ve worked pretty hard to clear for them and getting them a mentality to score. Obviously, they scored 42 points combined in the first half. Saskatchewan made a decision that they were not going to leave our shooters.”

“They are a tough cover if they’re not going to leave our shooters,” continued smart.

The numbers would agree.

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