New Brunswick Final 12 & All Stars

The Harbour Station in Saint John will be packed full of high school basketball action this weekend as the New Brunswick Basketball community and the NBIAA come together to crown provincial champions.

The Final 12 is a showcase of New Brunswick’s top high school teams across all divisions and genders. And for those who don’t know Harbour Station, it is a 6,603 seat arena and the largest venue in New Brunswick. This adds so much to the event as the excitement of playing in a venue of this stature (Home of The Saint John Mill Rats of the NBLC) and is something every player in the province strives for.

“We have the opportunity to make our dream become a reality. A goal of ours was always to reach Harbour station, now were looking to make the most of our opportunity.” Jack Tiley, Kennebecasis Valley

Friday February 20

AA Girl’s James M Hill vs Woodstock                          6:30pm

James M. Hill: Katie Corlett, Emily Fitzpatrick

Woodstock: Kyla Carr

AA Boy’s Woodstock vs Fundy                                      9:00pm

Woodstock: Keegan Gray, Hunter Gray

Fundy: Ryley Anthony

Saturday February 21

AAA Girl’s Sussex vs Bernice MacNaughton                  1:00pm

Sussex: Kennedy Baird, Reese Baxendale

Bernice MacNaughton: Courtney Bulman

AAA Boy’s Kennebecasis Valley vs Riverview                 3:30pm

Kennebecasis: Jack Tiley, Ethan O’Neil, Ben Tait

Riverview: Gbemi Oguntona, Matthias Hilz, Aram Currie

A Girl’s Grand Manan vs John Caldwell                            6:30pm

Grand Manan:

John Caldwell: Alannah Hansen

A Boy’s Harvey vs Rothesay Netherwood                          8:30pm

Harvey: Noah Gillespie, Brett Curtis

Rothesay Netherwoods: Andrew Milner

After these two huge days of basketball most basketball enthusiasts will then jump into their cars and head to Leo Hayes High School on Sunday for the 2014/15 All Star Games. Following is a list of all stars.

AAA Soutwest

Jack Berkshire, Fredericton            Kennedy Baird, Sussex

Matt Brown, Saint John                   Emma Jenson, Kennebecasis

Mitch Claybourne, Leo Hayes         Margaret MacDonald, Kennebecasis

Stanley Mayambo, Fredericton       Grace Simpson, Fredericton

Jack Tiley, Kennebecasis                Eva Tumwine, Fredericton

AAA Northeast

Shannon Hubert, Miramichi            Courtney Bulman MacNaughton

Zach Middleton, Moncton                Megan Campbell, Moncton

Luke Nelson, MacNaughton            Lindsey Gallant, Miramichi

Gbemi Oguntona, Riverview           Jennifer Newman, Roverview

Travis Valanne, Miramichi               Siobhan Murphy, Riverview

AA Southwest

Ryley Anthony, Fundy                     Claire Ayotte, Southern Victoria

Hunter Gray, Woodstock                 Kyla Carr, Woodstock

Keegan Gray, Woodstock               Taylor Cook, Fundy

Isaiah Oakes Carleton North          Molly Gulliver, Rothesay

Alex Wilkins, Fundy                        Mallory Thomas, Woodstock

AA Northeast

Jeshua Becker, Tantramar            Katie Corlett, James M Hill

James Coombes, Bathurst            Emily Fitzpatrick, James M Hill

Liam McDougall, Tantramar          Megan Gallie, Sugarloaf

Jeremy Poole, James M. Hill         Katie Ollerhead, Tantramar

Carlo Theriault, Sugarloaf              Emma Sigsworth, Tantramar

A Southwest

Brett Curtis, Harvey                       Jill Corey, Harvey

Zachery Foster, Hartland               Alannah Hansen, John Caldwell

Noah Gillespie, Harvey                  Naomi Larmar, Cantebury

Sam Hambrook, John Caldwell      Samantha Taylor, Cantecury

Andrew Milner, Rothesay Netherwoods  Kaylyn Toner, John Caldwell

A Northeast

Patrick Carroll, Carrefour Beausoleil   Megan Anderson, Caledonia

Dalton Heagrey, Minto                     Sarah Fanjoy, Petitcodiac

Tristen Jonah, Caledonia                 Heather MacFarlane, Stanley

Shane Moss, Stanley                       Lezlie McAlister, Dalhousie

Andrew White, Caledonia                Emma Wissink, Caledonia

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