NPH CIS Top 50 National Player Rankings – November 2013

NPH CIS Top 50 is back.

The 2013-2014 season has kicked off, and our North Pole Hoops correspondents are situated across the country to take in the live action, throughout the entire year.

Bold – Ranking Factors

NPH CIS Top 50

In sports, winning is everything.

With that being said, the #NPHTop50 holds heavy weight when it comes to production at the highest of levels (winning teams).

However, impressive individual production at lower levels (losing teams) is also considered, to a lesser degree.

While winning and production are big factors, the strength of conference must also be considered.

For instance, the 2012-2013 season witnessed players register staggering statistics throughout the year, but when it came to nationals, against the strongest of competition, true colors came out. Some stepped up, while others were unable to adjust and wilted under pressure.

Simply put, the month of March separates the men from the boys.

Team success breeds individual success — we at North Pole Hoops strongly believe in this phrase, and if you dig deep to analyze the list below, you will notice our efforts in remaining consistent with this approach.

Winning must be rewarded.

To further analyze and compare a player, the NPH team dives into head-to-head match ups, which give a good indication of how each player performs when on the same floor, “mono-e-mono.”

While statistics paint a good picture, they don’t tell the full story. Live Game analysis allow us to identify a player’s intangible traits [toughness, playmaking in the clutch, coachabiilty, character and communication] and all come into play to help further distinguish mediocre from good, and good from great.

Throughout our travels, the North Pole Hoops team has been able to pick the brains of the industry’s brightest minds—both in Canada and America.

As far as the CIS is concerned, the aggressive tracking of teams and players across the country has allowed us to consult with and learn from coaches [Head and assistants] former CIS all-Canadians, as well as various observers of the league from coast-to-coast.

The #NPHTop50 depicts the league, as we see it, following an unparalleled contribution of time, energy and research into CIS basketball. This list is heavily based on 2012-2013 production and results, so you can expect a shake up in release #2 in January.

In the meantime, please leave a comment below to express your opinion.

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Let the games begin!


NPH CIS Top 50: November 2013


1. Philip Scrubb Philip Scrubb SG
2. Owen Klassen Owen Klassen PF
3. Tyson Hinz Tyson Hinz PF
4. Stephon Lamar Stephon Lamar PG
5. Jordan Baker Jordan Baker SG
6. Thomas Scrubb Thomas Scrubb SF
7. Johnny Berhanemeskel Johnny Berhanemeskel PG
8. Lien Phillip Lien Phillip PF
9. Aaron Best Aaron Best SG
10. Maxwell Allin Maxwell Allin SG
11. Joel Friesen Joel Friesen SG
12. Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson PG
13. Mike Andrews Mike Andrews C
14. Chris McLaughlin Chris McLaughlin C
15. Matt Forbes Matt Forbes PF
16. Jahmal Jones Jahmal Jones PG
17. Kenny Otieno Kenny Otieno SG
18. Terrell Evans Terrell Evans SG
19. Mark Perrin Mark Perrin PG
20. Alex Ratte Alex Ratte SG
21. Taylor Black Taylor Black PF
22. Clinton Springer-Williams Clinton Springer-Williams SG
23. Stephan Walton Stephan Walton PG
24. Steven Wesley Steven Wesley F
25. Andrew Cunningham Andrew Cunningham PG
26. Greg Faulkner Greg Faulkner SF
27. Kevon Parchment Kevon Parchment SG
28. Vincent Dufort Vincent Dufort SG
29. David Wagner David Wagner PF
30. Josh Collins Josh Collins PG
31. Ben Baker Ben Baker SG
32. Gabriel Gonthier-Dubue Gabriel Gonthier-Dubue F
33. Tonner Jackson Tonner Jackson SF
34. Simon Bibeau Simon Bibeau SG
35. Harry Ezenibe Harry Ezenibe SF
36. Anthony Ashe Anthony Ashe SG
37. Brylle Kamen Brylle Kamen PF
38. Boris Hadzimuratovic Boris Hadzimuratovic PF
39. Anthony Sears Anthony Sears SG
40. Deontay Smith Deontay Smith G
41. Jordon Gauthier Jordon Gauthier SG
42. Alexandre Bernard Alexandre Bernard F
43. Daniel Tulloch Daniel Tulloch PF
44. Alex  Hill  Alex Hill SF
45. Enrico Diloreto Enrico Diloreto PG
46. Will McFee Will McFee SG
47. Jordan Reaves Jordan Reaves SF
48. Meshack Lufile Meshack Lufile PF
49. Dwayne Harvey Dwayne Harvey G
50. Will Ondrik Will Ondrik PF


Impact Freshman / Newcomers

The first edition of the 2013-2014 #NPHTop 50 features those that played and produced as of last season in the CIS.

However, the following is a list of new names to the league that you will be hearing about throughout the year and can expect some to pop up in the Top 50 as of January.

That being said, the CIS is much stronger with this influx of talent.

Alphabetical Order

  • Adam Voll – Ryerson
  • Anthony Ottley – Trinity Western
  • Boyd Vassell – SMU
  • D’Adrian Collins – Saskatchewan
  • Dan Elgadi -Brock
  • Dele Ogundokun – McGill
  • Henry Tan – Lakehead
  • Jack Simmons – Laurier
  • Justus Alleyn – Manitoba
  • Kadeem Green – Ryerson
  • Kedar Wright – UBC
  • Khaled Abdel-Gabar – Windsor
  • Leon Alexander – McMaster
  • Majid Naji – Bishop’s
  • Mamdou Gueye -Alberta
  • Manny Sahota- Toronto
  • Marcus Tibbs – Victoria
  • Nathan Culbreath – York
  • Patrick Pilato – Victoria
  • Ryan Ejim – York
  • Ta’Quan Zimmerman -Thompson Rivers
  • Theon Reefer – SMU
  • Trevon McNeil – McMaster


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