Adonis Montfort-Palomino: Alberta Product Earning Stripes in Ontario

Photo Courtesy | Jonas Emilsson
Photo Courtesy | Jonas Emilsson

MISSISSAUGA, ON–He is one of the top Canadian point guards in the nation.

Adonis Monfort-Palomino has proved himself in his home province of Alberta and along the entire West Coast, coming off a season where he averaged 22 points, eight assists and two steals at Sir Winston Churchill (Calgary, AB). This season, AMP will be at Athlete Institute in Ontario, where he will be tested and affirm the first mentioned statement among the nation’s top talent.

Adonis Montfort-Palomino is the newest member to the prep program at Athlete Institute Academy, who have also picked up another west coast talent in high flying Mason Loewen(Victoria, BC), who will also look to earn his stripes in Ontario.

We first spotted the Alberta PG at the CYDC exposure camp, where he was noted as the top play maker for himself and teammates. Since then we have seen him suit up for his high school, provincial and AAU teams. In every environment, Adonis has left a mark and been recognized as an integral piece and leader on each team.

Coming to Ontario means a lot to Adonis. He sees this as a major opportunity that will mold him into the player that he knows he is becoming. At the same time, he will expose himself  daily to high level competition in Canada’s mecca for basketball.

Adonis Montfort-Palomino
Adonis Montfort-Palomino

Another senior year option for Adonis was to attend Walnut Grove (Langley, BC), home of the 2012-2013 AAA British Columbia boys championship, where he would have teamed up with another NPH Top 25 player, Jadon Cohee. This would have meant a sure shot at a BC provincial championship and significant minutes at the point.

Provincial championships are no longer in the mental spectrum of high school; the focus has now become more towards securing a post-secondary scholarship from an NCAA program.

“Alberta is a small province and not as big in basketball. Albertans are scared of Ontario talent to be honest, and I’m going to be the one to come in and show that I’m ready to play and compete with these guys right away.”

Adonis’ confidence and poise are vital contributing factors in the player he is becoming. He plays a high tempo style, while in his mind everything is calm and decided on before it happens.

“On a personal level I feel that I’ve accomplished a lot as an individual, but that Alberta provincial championship is something myself and my teammates back home really wanted.”

The situation he is in at Athlete Institute Academy creates a unique opportunity to advance his game on so many levels. Practicing and playing against high level competition on a daily basis will naturally elevate his abilities.

Adonis Montfort-Palomino and Juwan Miller are teammates, but will be battling against each other for minutes as lead guards. Miller is another top level point guard in the country, however this battle is advantageous to both sides and the team as a whole.

Take Adonis, a pure point guard with pin point passing and elite play making skills. His ball handling and ability to create space are of the highest calibre. The benefit of working with and against Juwan Miller is that he will gain defensive tactics and philosophies from the specialist in Miller as well as be immersed in a weight training regimen that will sculpt Adonis’ body.

In this two way relationship, an already well packaged Miller will take from Adonis’ offensive moves and overall feel for controlling the tempo of games and running an offense.

Adonis acknowledges the opportunity and is ready to face new challenges.

“I really want to develop my body this year and I think that at ACTS I’m in an environment that will allow me to do that. I’m going to be around players that will test me day in day out.”

Over the years he has steadily made improvements in every regard; this year is no different. Keep an ear for the name, and an eye for his game.

The newest member of Athlete Institutes’ prep program, Adonis Montfort-Palomino will reassure the nation that there is talent budding in places other than Ontario. Another diamond in the rough found in Calgary, Alberta.

Will AMP struggle to make the transition, or continue to rise up the ranks?

The upcoming 2013-2014 season will be a strong indicator…and NPH will be right there to catch the action, continuing to track the progress of this talented young lead guard.



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