Deon Wilson Announced As Team Nova Scotia U15 Head Coach

Coach Deon WIlson selected as Team Nova Scotia U15 Head Coach
Coach Deon WIlson selected as Team Nova Scotia U15 Head Coach

Persistence is a quality that is necessary when one has set a path and goals to achieve along that path. Deon Wilson is one that has long been awaiting the opportunity to take his coaching experience up another level from high school ball. This year he is one step closer and will be adding the position as Head Coach of team Nova Scotia’s U15 Boys to his resume.

Turning 40 years old next month, Deon is the husband of Brenda and father to Rhya and Jai; a native to Hantsport, Nova Scotia and currently living in Kentville with his family. He is very actively involved in the development of players and in the building of basketball culture on the East Coast.

His list of credentials give him a wide variety of knowledge regarding the human body, skill development, evaluating and coaching. Deon has a Kinesiology degree from Acadia University, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Speed and Agility Specialist. He is also on his way to completing NCCP training while currently on level 3. Moreover, just like players coaches need to have intangible traits which have great value in building teams and people.

“I spend an enormous amount of time researching how to develop athletes and believe that the impossible is possible. While working with people that were told by doctors that they will never walk again and seeing them get back on their feet is what makes me feel this way, it’s a humbling experience.”

When watching Deon working within his craft, you can sense the passion in every word and action. Passion and patience are the intangible traits that best describe this aspiring post-secondary coach. Coach Wilson brings a wealth of knowledge, and is strategic in the way that he relays information that he teaches.

“My sole purpose of taking Kinesiology in university was because I knew it would one day help me get to where I want to be as a coach. I am working towards the opportunity of becoming a coach in the CCAA or CIS. I am very thankful to have the chance to coach a Nova Scotia team,” explained Wilson.

When asked about his expectations for his new team, he replied, “Based off the results of the past few years and the talent that were have coming up, it’s fair to say that we will have a shot on medal contention.”

Nova Scotia’s 15U Boys team finished in fifth place in the 2012 National Championships as they were lead by the versatile scoring of Gage Sabean and the 17U Boys finished sixth with SMU commit, Travis Adams at the head of the pack.

The Nova Scotia teams usually come very guard heavy and play in a fast pace environment. Coach Wilson says that this year there are some young athletes with size that will be on the come up. Overall there is an aura that he would like to build and have the team represent.

“A respectful, hard-working and unselfish team atmosphere is what we want to be about.”

For those who don’t know, Coach Wilson has played a large part in providing exposure for the east coast as an NPH reporter and recruiting analyst for the past year and a half. He has a knack for identifying talent and giving insightful advice to help individuals grow.

The growth of a team starts with the maturation and growth of its leaders. Having said this, Coach Wilson will have his eyes peeled to find a leader for team Nova Scotia’s 15U Boys.

“We want our leader to be willing to take away from himself and give to others both on and off the court. Our leader should also be versatile, as I see this being a key trait…versatility and the ability to learn.”

On behalf of the entire NPH team, congratulations to Deon Wilson on being chosen as Head Coach of team Nova Scotia’s U15 Boys.


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