Alberta Prospects On Display at Full Court Press Northern Exposure Camp!

Full Court Press Northern Exposure Camp
Full Court Press Northern Exposure Camp

CALGARY, AB–Around this time in 2011, the NPH team had made it’s first trip to Calgary, Alberta for the Full Court Press Northern Exposure Camp presented by CYDC basketball, where we discovered many high school prospects in the graduating classes of 2012 all the way up to 2017.

The focus of the camp on this trip is to achieve continuous progress and in turn to maximize a player’s potential. This group was very in tune with what the various coaches were trying to portray.

6'7 Dallas Hancox, a new prospect to track on the NPH Radar
6’7 Dallas Hancox, a new prospect to track on the NPH Radar

Overall, a sense of enlightenment had drifted across over 100 prospects once they put into perspective the amount of student-athletes in Canada that are vying to take their spots in obtaining a scholarship.

No strangers to the event, Dinos Trigonis, Bob Gottlieb, John Hegwood Sr. and the NPH team formed a panel to provide Alberta’s prospects with insight  on becoming elite.

Andrew Wiggins, Robert Sacre, Corey Joseph, Steve Woiciechowski (Duke Associate Head Coach) + other examples were used to illustrate the importance of intangibles and how crucial they are to achieve success.

Wiggins –although extremely talented–has been able to separate himself from the hype and continues to work to be the greatest. Sacre was the final selection of the NBA draft to the L.A Lakers; his personality & energy provided on the floor helped him distinguish himself and ultimately got him into the NBA. Joseph has been a winner his entire life (Pickering High, Findlay Prep, Texas) and by no coincidence, he was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs, a franchise that takes great pride in their winning tradition.

NPH plans to be back at this event year after year, to re-evaluate and track the progress of the prospects that we’ve seen over the years. This years camp brings in a young crop of developing talent that seems driven to find ways to get better.

In fact, there are few names that come to mind that have added elements to their game. The list below highlights a few of the top prospects at the Full Court Press Northern Exposure Camp.

Day One Top Performers

Dallas Hancox – 2013 6’7 PF (Foothills Composite)

George Jackson – 2013 6’6 PF (Bishop Grandin)

Taner Parington- 2013 6’7 F (Foothills Composte)

Adonis Montfort-Palomino – 2014 5’9 PG (Sir Winston Churchill)

Sheldon Pittman – 2014 6’5 SF (St. Mary’s )

Awak Piom – 2015 6’3 SG (Harry Ainlay)

Derian Valdes – 2015 6’3 SG (Sir Winston Churchill)

Matthew Fullerton – 2017 5’5 PG (St. Vincent De Paul)

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