NPH Windsor Showcase Official Schedule

WINDSOR, ON–The NPH Windsor Showcase is only one day away and participants want to know what to expect once they arrive. Day one of our showcases start with combine style training.

Day 1 – Showcase participants will take home knowledge and drills that will relate to core strength, footwork, agility and ball handling while keeping the focus “staying low”. There are many players that are well aware of the benefits of keeping their bodies in a low athletic stance but many that don’t know how to train their bodies to do so.

Day 2 – Each showcase participant will play in a minimum of three games where they will have the opportunity to compete against peers and display their raw talent in a showcase environment. Players will be evaluated  throughout the course of the day.

Day 3 – Each participant will have their final opportunity to make a case to be selected for “The Top Prospect games” – one for the underclassmen, and the final game of the event for the upperclassmen.

The following is the schedule for the weekend:


  • Friday, October 5:    5PM-9PM

-Registration 5:00-5:30

-Orientation 5:30-6:00

-Combine 6:00-9:00

  • Saturday, October 6:   10AM-6PM (Players will receive game schedule in beginning of the day)

-Showcase Games all day (Each player will compete in minimum of three games)

  • Sunday, October 7:     11AM-4PM

-Final showcase games prior to Top Prospect Game Selection 11:00-1:00

-Break 1:00-2:00

-Underclassmen Top Prospect Game 2:00-3:00

-Upperclassmen Top Prospect Game 3:00-4:00

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