NPH Showcase Prospect List Released!


WINDSOR,ON–With less than one week before the NPH Showcase hits Windsor, Ontario, the excitement is building as the top prospects in the region are preparing to not only represent themselves, but their city.

Mychal Mulder jumping over Elias Sbiet of NPH, as he live tweets!
Mychal Mulder jumping over Elias Sbiet of NPH

NPH Showcase alumni Mychal Mulder and Shavon Gayle will be returning to showcase their progress, however this time on home turf. In addition, new names will be identified and exposed to the rest of the nation.

Miroslav Jaksic (2014 6’11 F) a former cadet national team player will be in attendance; Jaksic is a player that we have been monitoring over the years, and is set to make a major splash.

Other prospects that we have either previously seen or heard about include Jermaine Lynch, Mike Rocca, Marko Kovac, Munis Tutu, Khoi Pham and Tyler Storie, to name a few.

The following is a preliminary list for the NPH Windsor Showcase. Several more players will be added in the upcoming week as this list will be updated.

The Windsor region has been waiting for an opportunity to prove themselves among the best talent pools in Canada; THIS IS IT!


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Here is a video of Windsor’s Mychal Mulder (Catholic Central) goes toe-to-toe with Jalen Griffiths in an exciting slam dunk competition at last year’s NPH Ontario Showcase!

[youtube Mr0FYuFJtHo]

Bold= Confirmed

Unbold= Pending

Name Class Height Position School/ Club
Anthony Baylis 2013 6’0 G John McGregor
Tyler Storie 2014 6’2 SG Herman/ Team Boltt
Jamon Braxron Mulenga 2014 5’11 PG George Harvey C.I/ Markham Gators
Stephen Wright 2015 5’10 SG Nelson/ Burlington Panthers 
Hussein Ubeid 2016 5’7 G Holy Names
Anthony Pollock 2014 5’11 PG Holy Names/ Core City Hoops
Peter Piljic 2014 6’3 SF Riverside/ Team Boltt
Zaigham Ali 2014 6’0 G Centennial CVI/ Guelph Phoenix
Mahad Mohamed 2015 5’8 G Holy Names 
Marko Kovac 2014 6’5 SG Herman/ Team Boltt
Lance Rodriques 2014 5’10 PG REDA/ Grassroots
Demetrias Kah 2013 6’3 SF Herman/ Team Boltt
Robel Neguss 2014 6’2 PG Assumption/ Jr. Lancers
Anthony Zrvnar 2017 6’6 SF St Annes/ Tecumseh Saints
Justin Ghanem 2015 6’0 PG E.J Lajeunesse/ Jr Lancers
Khoi Pham 2013 6’1 G J.L Forster
Ahmed Elsayed 2014 6’0 PG Vincent Massey
Andrei Ghita 2014 6’0 G St Joseph’s/ Team BOLTT
Mike Rocca 2013 5’11 PG St Christophers/ Blessed Sacrament
Omon Edobor 2016 6’1 PG Ajax HS
Benjamin Dagousse 2013 6’2 PG St Joseph’s/ JR Lancers
Miroslav Jaksic 2014 6’11 PF Walled Lake Western/ Michigan Hurricanes
Isaac Osunde-Iyamu 2015 6’0 G Percy Johnson/ DTC Basketball
Djordje Dimitrijevic 2013 6’1 PG St Annes/ South West JR Lancers
Jermaine Lynch 2013 6’0 PG Forster/ Team Boltt
Vladimir Yousif 2014 5’11 SG St Joseph’s
Omar Hayes-Williams 2014 6’2 W Vincent Massey/ Team Boltt
Munis Tutu 2015 6’0 PG J.L Forster/ Team Boltt
Jallao El-Gasai 2014 6’2 SG Assumption/ Team Boltt
Mychal Mulder 2013 6’5 SG Catholic Central
Desch Burnett 2016 6’1 PG Cardinal Ambrozic/ Mississauga Wolverines
Marko Janjetovic 2015 6’5 SF Riverside/ Team Boltt
Shaquan Carpenter 2015 5’9 G Monsignor Percy Johnson
Shavon Gayle 2013 5’10 G Catholic Central
Alston Gayle 2015 5’7 PG Catholic Central
Nathan Bunney 2014 6’0 G Kingsville DHS/ JR Lancers
Matt Ravida 2013 6’2 PG Westmount/ Blessed Sacrament
Marcus Calloo    2013   6’1       PG      Catholic Central/ Core City
Ahad Shah 2015 5’9 PG Holy Names
Moses Agong 2015 6’6 PF Assumption/ Team Boltt
Ramkel Simon Wal 2017 5’7 PG St James/ Core City Hoops
Malik Phillips 2014 6’2 PG A Y Jackson / Grassroots Elite
Jovan Lozo 2016 6’1 SG Riverside/ Team Boltt
Hassan Mohamed 2016 5’10 SG J.L Forster/ Team Boltt
Deya Fawaz 2014 5’9 PG Forster
D’Angelo Knox 2015 5’10 G Old Redford/ Greg Gant
Bailey Burton 2014 6’3 SG Pickering High/ Grassroots
Kamal Huggins 2015 5’11 G West Humer C.I/ Motion
Trenton Ford 2015 6’3 SF Loyola/ Oakville Venom
Theo Karouzas 2013 5’10 PG Northern Collegiate / Sarnia Valhalla
Jerron Shalland-Rhodes 2014 6’2 SG West Hill/ Grassroots Elite
William Lara-Caston 2014 6’2 G Forster/ Team Boltt
Diew Simon Wal 2014 6’3 G Assumption/ Team Boltt
Nathan Friesen 2015 5’7 G Holy Cross (London)
Paul Whitson 2014 6’4 W St Patrick’s/ Sarnia Shamrocks
Isaiah Familia 2016 6’1 PG Catholic Central/ Team Boltt
Cormac Brown 2013 6’6 SF St Patrick’s
Mousab Toto 2016 5’11 G Assumption/ Core City Hoops
Harman Wahid 2016 5’10 SF Herman/ Riverside Falcons
Eriq Jenkins 2014 5’11 PG Catholic Central/ Junior Lancers
Mirza Mujkanovic 2015 6’3 G Sherwood/ U-Play Canada Elite
Nyong James 2014 6’4 G Catholic Central
Taylor Leneve 2013 7’5 C Alexander Mackenzie/ Shamrocks
Mohamed Ali 2014 6’10 PF Assumption/ Windsor Warriors
Jok Guet 2014 6’4 PF Catholic Central
Devonte Pierce 2013 6’3 SG Catholic Central/ Core City Hoops
Jay Mann 2013 6’2 SF Vincent Massey
Jay McAuley 2014 6’1 G St Patrick’s/ Sarnia Shamrocks
Nik Veigli 2014 6’0 G Essex/ Riverside
Weng James 2013 6’6 C Catholic Central/ Core City Hoops
Daniel Anderi 2014 6’0 G St Annes
Mark Danho 2014 5’9 PG St Joseph’s/ Riverside Falcon
Juwan Lynch 2015 5’10 G June Buchanan/ Team Boltt
Robert Harrison 2013 6’1 G St Thomas More/ U-Play/ Blessed Sacrament
Viktor Jankovski 2014 6’4 SF Belleriver/ St Clairs
Sina Gbadebo 2017 5’9 PG Herman/ ASAP Blazers
Raekwon Fazekas 2014 6’2 SG Catholic Central/ Core City Hoops
Shawon Anderson 2015 6’1 PG Herman/ Team Boltt
Jawed Hassani 2014 6’2 PG Sir Wilfred Laurier
DamiAnn Prehay 2015 6’4 W Bramalea/ CIA Bounce
Donovan Brooks 2016 5’6 PG Forster/ Team Boltt

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