NPH Top 25 Pre-season National HS Team Rankings


A new season is upon us, meaning some high school programs across the country have taken a step backward and are in the rebuilding stages, while other teams have returned key players and are ready to make another run at their respective championships.

The following is the NPH Pre-Season Top 25 National High School Rankings. Teams will be jockeying for position all year, however Father Henry Carr (Toronto, ON) will open the season with the #1 spot, followed by Eastern Commerce, right on their tracks. Both teams possess star power, a load of overall talent, and great size.

It is still very early in the season, but never too early to begin the discussion! Some teams will blossom over the course of the season, while other teams can find themselves plummeting. Expect a variety of different programs throughout the nation to get a taste of the TOP 25 based on performance, along with a tonne of excitement in 2012-2013!

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NPH Top 25 National High School Team Rankings

NPH Top 25 Pre-season High School Rankings

  1. Henry Carr (ON) Dillon BrooksJalen Poyser, Tanveer Bhullar, Josh Bell, Brendon Chevannes, William Maylor
  2. Eastern Commerce (ON) Justin Jackson, James Sylvester, Mohamed Camera, Tyler Stone, Tevin Bailey, Nathan Croxen
  3. MacNab (ON) Nolan Narain, Nick Burke, Daniel Dzierzawski, Matt Trpcic, O.J Watson
  4. Walnut Grove (BC) Jadon Cohee, Josh Mayorga, Paul Getz, Brad Hoffman
  5. Catholic Central (ON) Mychal Mulder, Shavon Gayle, Davonte Pierce, Marcus Calloo, Michigan-Deerborne (NAIA), Malik Calloo
  6. St Mike’s (ON) Malcolm Duvivier, Nelson Kaputo, Sage Usher, Simon Pollard-Couillard, Rayshane Case, Eashon Smith, Kayon Grant
  7. Kitsilano (BC) Luka Zaharijevic, Jonathan Kongbo, Tom Cambell
  8. Oakwood (ON) Brody Clarke, Calvin Epistola, Dewan Williams, Russell Baker, Khaleek Bakare-Whyte
  9. Winston Churchill (AB) – Adonis Montfort Polomino, Emmett Cook, Scott Lamb, Dairen Valdez, Matt Guinto
  10. Holy Trinity (ON) Trevon Mcneil, Nolan Mackenzie, Regis Ivaniukas, Nick Ernest
  11. St Paul’s (MB) Justus Alleyn, Alec Bernier, Malik Irwin, Josh Selva, Billy Yaworsky
  12. WRCA (BC) Vartan Tanielian, Tyus Allen, Peter Spangehl, Sak Ykema
  13. Citadel (NS) Travis Adams, Jayden Nordin, Isaiah Thomas, Liam Mitchell
  14. Mount Carmel (ON) Cassidy Ryan, Paul Galas, Jason Londequai, Tyrell Rogers
  15. W.J Mouat (BC) – Tristan Etienne, Corey Hauck, Daniel Pawliak
  16. Winston Churchill (BC) Mindy Minhas, Jesse Mushiana, Matt Waraich
  17. St George (BC)  Drew Urquhart, Deklan Chung, Tylon Barker, Ethan Scott, Derek Safnuk
  18. ACMT (ON) Hamid Nessek, Jean-Victor Mukama, Levi Mukuna, Emmanuel Mukuna
  19. Kelowna (BC) Buzz Truss, Darion Bunce
  20. Garden City (MB) Josh Magpantay, Tynan Reyes
  21. Harry Ainlay (AB)
  22. Bishop Mahoney (SK) Seb Turcott (6’5 F)
  23. Dartmouth (NS) Maurice Colley, Cainyn Johnson, Tyler Shaw
  24. Bishop Grandin (AB)
  25. KVHS (NB) Erik Nissen

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