AAU Supershowcase Player Evaluation


Orlando, FL–During this scouting session in Orlando I had the opportunity to follow the play of some 2015’s which we had been tracking since early 2011, check on the progress of the 2013’s since high school season and got acquainted with some new comers on the scene. There will be a handful of players that will be taking a step up in the rankings based on what they’ve shown at this tournament.

Adam Djukic | 2013 | 6’7 | SF | La Lumiere | Triple Balance

Since his move down south to play at La Lumiere Djukic has transformed his game in a variety of ways. The most obvious  is that he has slimmed down which has enabled him to become quicker and take his game outside of the post. He has demonstrated a reliable three point shot when he’s open as well as a mid-range jumper. The next step would be adding offensive moves and speed that will get him in the lane if that shot is not available. One thing that coaches will appreciate about this player is that he plays within his role and doesn’t force shots. Djukic also brings help in the rebounding category because he uses his strong frame to box out opponents and positions himself well for rebounding opportunities. We can tell from this player’s body language and and communication on the floor that he is out to do what’s best for the team. He led his team in rebounding and was the second highest scorer in this tournament.


 Dapo Badmos | 2013 | 6’1 | PG | Kiski Prep | Triple Balance

Dapo is in great physical shape with good strength. On multiple possessions we saw him attack the rim and create contact , while absorbing and finding a way to finish. He gets in the lane with force, using a power dribble and protects the ball on his way in. This PG’s perimeter shooting is something that must improve in order for his stock to rise as a prospect. He should that he is able to knock down 3’s when he’s open, but not consistently enough to call him a shooter. His attitude towards the game and the fact that he is coachable is what gives him good upside.


Donnele Munda | 2013 | 6’4 | SG | Vermont Academy | Triple Balance

Donnele can score in a variety of ways such as using his size to back up smaller defenders, a pull up three and high arcing jumper off the dribble. Most of his scoring comes while he’s on his way to the basket. His game demands attention on offense because he can create well for himself. Asides from the point guard he was the best ball handler on the team. Awareness of open shooters while he is penetrating was something that was absent and there was no indication of whether or not he was looking off the shooter because its an exposure event or he simply didn’t see the guys that were spotting up.


Kassius Robertson | 2013 | 6’2 | PG | Vaughan Secondary | Triple Balance

Kassius has been in under pressure situations often and knows how to remain composed. He comes from a winning tradition at Vaughan under coach Gymnopoulos. Kassius has an exceptional handle on the ball and can knock down the three ball, the corner three being his hot spot. One aspect of his game that was able to unravel a little better on the circuit than on his high school team are his leadership qualities. He is a good communicator and treats his teammates with respect. There were times in this tournament where others had made questionable decisions on offense yet Kassius approached them in a calm manner and handled the situation. With continued training focusing on speed and strength Kassius would be a considered a low-major talent.


Zach Shaban | 2013 | 6’5 | SF | Markham District HS | Triple Balance

Shaban has played both at the 3 and 4 spots and has become comfortable in these roles. This summer he has settled in full time at the Small Forward position. For his Triple Balance team he did a fine job as a secondary rebounder for the team after Adam Djukic and was able to hit the mid range jump shot from many angles; he even showed confidence in his shooting while pulling from deep when there was an opportunity. In order for Shaban to become a more recognized prospect he will need to pick up his scoring contribution and work upon his scoring arsenal.


Montaque Caesar Gill | 2015 | 6’5 | SF | Huntington Prep | CIA Bounce 

Teki as his coaches and teammates call him, is one of the most athletic players in his class; his hops, body control and fluidity all combined make him that. It doesn’t stop there for him, he is not ranked this high based off of potential; Gill is a very strong defender at many positions and can score in many ways. There were a few games that he took over with 20+ points that came from three point shooting, dunks and pull up jumpers. Although it is an area of improvement, Teki’s handles enabled him to create for himself while still having the vision to catch those who were cutting. In transition he runs the lanes with speed and gets himself in a good scoring position. The head of the “hancho” for his 15U CIA Bounce team, he has a quite and humble personality but the beast in him comes out when it needs to. We can expect for this prospect to contend for the #1 spot in 2015.

Nicholas Morris | 2015 | 6’7 | PF | Crescent School | Triple Balance

Nick’s body and strength are beyond his years yet he is very comfortable and has adjusted well in his physical growth. He has the ability to back down defenders deep into the post, a turn around jumper and a ten footer that is consistent. He was the team’s biggest rebounder and had game high rebounds in most games. His timing and positioning on the floor are on point. There is still a lot of time for him to grow in height and therefore should be looking to gain speed in his overall game before a growth spurt comes along.

Chase Vassel | 2015 | 6’3 | SG | Pine Ridge | Triple Balance

Chase was extremely productive in all categories, finishing the tournament as scoring leader for the team while grabbing between 4-7 rebounds a game an a minimum of 2 steals in every match. He really caught our attention because of how active he was at all times. Chase picked up a lot of easy points on second chance opportunities; he never gives up on a play and is constantly looking to regain possessions for his team. From a scoring perspective, this shooting guard is dynamic and attacks while staying low to the ground with long strides. He can score at the basket and off of pull ups and threes. His slash into the lane is more successful than his shooting and therefore needs to improve this element in his game. We will be keeping tabs on this player throughout the high school season as we expect him to rise quickly in the rankings.

Michael Provenzano | 2015 | 5’10 | PG | H. B Beal | Triple Balance

H. B Beal which is Provenzano’s high school team made it to Ontario provincial championships again in 2012 and this PG again, was the youngest and best player on the team. The case was no different while he played for Triple Balance on the AAU circuit. High pressure situations are something that Mike is used to. In close games, all of his coaches have full trust in him to keep the ball from being turnover. In Orlando at the AAU Supershowcase, many teams put a full court press against Mike’s team and most of the time he broke the press on his own, deterring from using a press break. He does this with a very strong ball handling ability and by having a low athletic stance. Over the past year, he has added moves that shift his defenders and create lots of space. He usually knocks down pull up jumpers off of the crossover. Physically, this high IQ PG will need to pack on some pounds to be able to match up against stronger and heavier guards.

Kimbal Mackenzie | 2015 | 6’0 | PG | John Carroll | CIA Bounce

The better the competition, the higher level of play you will see from Kimbal, he excels when he is challenged. A factor in his stellar performance at the AAU Super Showcase in Orlando is how easy the game comes to him. He is ranked in the top 10 in part because his IQ is very high for his age. Both conceptually and skillfully he is on point with decision making and getting the ball in the perfect spot. His passing ability in transition is second to none in his class, his placement of the ball falls right into the hands of his teammate while he’s on the run. Moreover he is a natural born leader and director in the offense. Offensively, he can score from three, hit the pull up mid range as well as use the pick and roll well when he has someone who can also perform this task well. He will need to improve his perimeter shooting by being able to get off a quicker release. Also, if he had more of a breakdown game this increase his stock.

Trystan Pratapas | 2016 | 6’4| SG | John Carroll | CIA Bounce

Trystan is an outstanding three point shooter who lead his CIA Bounce AAU team in scoring averaging 20 a game. While about half of his points came from outside shooting, as his PG”s set him up to stroke it he was able to run the lanes in transition and receive long cross court passes to finish on his left. He shies away from attacking on the right and this is an area he knows he will need to improve. He has the ideal height, length and shooting ability for his position, however will need to improve as a perimeter defender, become physically stronger and work towards gaining athleticism and lateral agility. One year of hard work can turn him into a bigger offensive threat.

 Elijah Long | 2015 | 5’9 | PG | Father Goetz | CIA Bounce

Elijah has picked up a lot from his older brother Naz, who will be playing for Iowa State this year. Eli is a high IQ guard with laser passing ability and knows how to manage a team. Since the 2011-2012 high school season his first step has become faster as he has been using it to get by defenders. His vision is an element in his game that must be credited, he knows where everyone is which helps him makes passed that others would find difficult to even attempt. Eli can also be a scoring option for his team using his stop and pop three point shot. Over the course of the tournament, he had taken 12 charges and gotten the call. His timing is on point and his coach and teammates admire that he’ll take a hit for the team.





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