NPH Raptors Draft Watch: The Point Guards Pt. 2


Toronto, ON-There are two top point guards available early in the upcoming draft.  After chronicling Brandon Knight, the next stop is looking at last year’s College “top point guard of the year” and finalist for “Player of the year.”

Raptors Draft Watch: The Point Guards Pt. 2

Kemba Walker

Kemba walker is an interesting character. People will know him from leading his UConn Huskies to a National Championship, but how is it that people have still criticized him for not possessing the talent to adjust to the next level? 

Walker carried the Huskies in spectacular fashion, averaging 23.5 points a game, while dishing out 4.5 assists. Yet, 4.5 assists for a “star point guard”?  Something has to give…

Critics are and have been divided on the enigmatic point guard. There are those who think Walker is a poor combo guard who takes too many shots and is simply too small (6’1 with shoes on) to compete at the NBA level. Tom Ziller of SB Nation likens Kemba Walker to Johnny Flynn or Aaron Brooks.

There are others who mention Walker’s “intangibles.” We know he’s a winner and a guy who can take the big shot, and he definitely possesses some kind of leadership quality to will an unexpected UConn team to a National Championship.

On Tuesday, Walker was at the ACC working out for the Raptors. Although he was unable to play directly against fellow point guard Brandon Knight, Walker impressed everyone who watched.

Raptors senior director of scouting Jim Kelly was impressed with his passing and thinks Walker fits the mold of the “new generation point guard” because he is versatile enough to be a passer and scorer.

Is this enough for the Raptors to use the number 5 pick on?  Well, that’s up to Colangelo and his staff. To start, Walker will most likely be available at the fifth position, unlike Brandon Knight who is projecting to be off the board before Toronto’s pick. The Raptors are also looking for a new “point guard of the future,” in what is looking more and more like a point guard driven league.

So if the Raptors are determined to take a point guard, maybe Kemba Walker is the answer. After watching Bargnani lead the Raps offensive game last year, we might be in for a refreshing change if Walker can step in, lead that attack, score some baskets, and take over like he did last year for UConn.

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Photo Credit:H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY


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