Chad Posthumus: Moving on from UBC


VANCOUVER,BC–Chad Posthumus stands at 6’10 and it’s hard to miss him.  Chad is hoping that his height and strong rebounding skills will help him get noticed this summer at Junior College ID camps down in the States.

During his first year at UBC Chad was playing well and the future looked promising, until an unfortunate injury caused him to miss the remainder of the year.  His second year was a red-shirt year as he and coach Hanson decided that it would be best to sit out a year and fully heal.

Sitting out his second year was one of the best decisions that Chad made. “Overall I think it was a great decision.  I talked to coach Hanson and we talked about the perspective of me redshirting and I would be able to heal fully from my shoulder and take some time off doing that and it would give me a chance to grow as a player and become better, which it did.  I grew exponentially over this past year.  I have re-focused and I know what I want to do, I want to play basketball, I don’t want to be sidelined anymore sitting on the bench. I want to be the guy who is winning games for my team.”

Moving forward after deciding to leave UBC, Chad is trying to keep his options open.  He has been in contact with a few Division 1 schools who are currently interested in him. 

“I am talking to several schools, I am talking to Texas, Marquette, Washington, Washington State, there is a bunch of them (Schools) that I’ve sent out my video to and talked to and they have given me interest but I haven’t received any official offers or anything as of yet.”

The only problem is that if he were to transfer to the NCAA he would be forced to sit out another year, which is making some schools hesitant in signing him.  Due to the fact that he redshirted this past year at UBC he is eligible to play anywhere in the CIS right away.

Chad is not betting his entire career on signing with a Division 1 team; he has a backup plan if he can’t sign with a division 1 team. “My backup plan would be if I can’t get on a team this year and if I can’t get a commitment this year it’s going to be to either go play Junior College in the States because playing Junior College allows you to count it as your year of sitting out and it essentially allows you to be re-recruited out of the junior college,” Posthumus tells NPH.

“Any NCAA division 1 team can recruit me from the Junior College after this next year and I can go play for them immediately the following year. If I don’t decide to do that, then I probably will be staying and playing CIS basketball at the University of Manitoba because it’s close to home.”

Currently, Chad doesn’t have any specific teams in JUCO that he is trying to get noticed by, but would be happy to go to any Junior College team and make an impact.

Over this summer Chad will continue to keep working out and getting into better shape to make a huge impact when he participates in the ID camps down south.

Photo Courtsey: Communities Canada

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