As the high school season has come to an end, the top basketball programs in the country have established their positions in the “NPH Top 25 National High School Rankings.”

While there were some surprises at provincials across Canada, including British Columbia’s R.C Palmer capturing the first ever championship in school history, there were also powerhouse teams that sustained their dominance.

The Vaughan Voyageurs remained as the #1 Team in the land with stars Andrew Wiggins, Henry Tan and Troy Reid-Knight leading the way to the provincial gold in Ontario.

Alberta’s Raymond Comets also dominated the province led by the 1-2 punch of Jimmy Ralph and Tyson McIntyre en route to a provincial championship in victory over Western Canada HS.

Nova Scotia’s Auburn High battled with Citadel all season long [and Cole Harbour to some degree] for the top spot in Nova Scotia. Although Citadel cpatured the regional crown, Auburn had the last laugh by defeating Horton at the provincial championships. The squad is led by the triple threat of star point guard A.J Simmonds and complimenting guards Shaquille Smith and Shaquille Johnson.

Largest Plummet: Burnaby South went from being among the top teams in the country to hurting their resume in the provincial championships, placing seventh. Many had the Rebels as favourites entering the tournament

Other Provincial Champions:

-Oak Park: Manitoba

-Balfour: Saskatchewan

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Rank School Province
1 Vaughan (ON) Ontario
2 Loyola (ON) Ontario
3 R.C Palmer (BC) British Columbia
4 Auburn (NS) Nova Scotia
5 Raymond (AB) Alberta
6 Anderson (ON) Ontario
7 Vancouver College (BC) British Columbia
8 Oak Park (MB) Manitoba
9 Citadel (NS) Nova Scotia
10 Balfour Collegiate (SK) Saskatchewan
11 Henry Carr Ontario
12 J.C Richardson (ON) Ontario
13 Horton Nova Scotia
14 Kelowna (BC) British Columbia
15 Western Canada Alberta
16 Denison Ontario
17 Terry Fox British Columbia
18 Cole Harbour (NS) Nova Scotia
19 W.J Mouat British Columbia
20 Oakwood Ontario
21 Garden City (MB) Manitoba
22 Sacred Heart (ON) Ontario
23 Eastern Commerce (ON) Ontario
24 H.B Beal Ontario
25 Burnaby South (BC) British Columbia

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