its a combination of his length and athleticism…he’s also a special talent in terms of getting to the rim and body control.

Aggressive mind set.

“He’s always in attack mode”



He’s been our captain in terms of leading the ball club…he’s really come together as a playmaker.

Guys are really calm around him…he’s a really calming force for us. A coaches son, and he plays like it.”

Going into the second half we just said to eh guys we are going against an elite team and this is what we are here for.


They won by 7 in the first game.

We wanted to take charges.

“We see all the hype, and we knew we had to lock him down,” said Rowan Barrett Jr.

Shakur Daniel

It means a lot…just to know that you came to nationals, and won…it’s big.

RJ barrett dunked on fueled

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