Another summer has flown by and sooner than we know another high school season will commence. During the regular season there is constantly chatter about player rankings, top plays and mixtapes. While this is all entertaining, this is not the reason we are in the gyms scouting. The major element that is taken into consideration for all prospects is whether or not they have made PROGRESS. The formula is simple. Reps + Sets = Progress. A focused athlete will not let other variables into the equation. Before you continue reading, I have to warn; if you’re a student-athlete who is in pursuit of an athletic scholarship this article will either upset you, or do the exact opposite and give you a proud feeling. The most important time to develop skills, strength and speed is during the summer break. Those who make great improvements in the few months off are not wasting time. Since time is the one thing we can not get back, it is very important for an athlete to consider how many of their peers and opponents spend time in the trenches putting in work. Scouting reports, game tape and player rankings are all ways to keep track of  prospects that are in our database.  the For student-athletes pursuing athletic scholarships For some players who reading this right now,  the thoughts running through their     Reps and sets is really what it comes down to. Why am I not ranked? Why is he higher than me when I score 15 more points a game then him? These are the type of questions that are asked at the start of the season. Meanwhile the real questions should be directed at the self. mentality   How did I use my time in the off season to develop my game? What types of training Many questions come to mind when seeing a student-athlete after an extended period of time. There’s late bloomers, growth spurts, Every set, every rep has an affect on results.

Elias Sbiet

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