This is our final Top 20 CCAA list, with the Freshman class being the most difficult group to narrow down.

We have recognized 100 CCAA players having released our list of Top 20 players for the following classes; 5th year seniors 4th year seniors – 3rd year juniors – 2nd year sophomores and now we take a look at the 1st year freshman class.

We will continue to monitor and update our top 100 by class on a regular basis as well as introduce our mid-season report with conference reports and a new overall Top 50 CCAA players list.

***Quebec players are not included on this list as they have a unique classification process (CEGEP) that does not affect their CIS or NCAA status, and would classify them under the HS category.

That said, we will be recognizing Quebec talent throughout the season, through various coverage.

Taking into account individual talent, team strength and potential abilities, these are my choices as of 12/7/15.


Top 20 CCAA Freshman


First Team 1st yrs

  • Hess Mayele, La Cite, 19, 9, 4
  • Jacob Jackson, NAIT, 21, 6, 2
  • Ravi Basra, Langara, 12, 4, 6
  • Jordan McDonald, Niagara, 12, 10, 1
  • Kareem Collins, Mohawk, 14, 3, 3

Second Team 1st yrs

  • Rodney Teal, Red Deer, 12, 4, 2
  • Zak Tamlin, Briercrest, 19, 6, 2
  • Ethan DaSilva, Briercrest, 12, 6, 8
  • Trevon Mollison, St. Clair, 15, 4, 2
  • Andre-Nicholas Nvtiumbura, La Cite, 9, 12, 1

Third Team 1st yrs

  • Dyson Surmik, Ambrose, 16, 5, 1
  • Ali Raze, St. Mary’s, 13, 8, 4
  • Gary Minhus, Langara, 15, 3, 2
  • Mike West, Quest, 12, 5, 1
  • John Annilysse, La Cite, 10, 7, 1

Fourth Team 1st yrs

  • Shane Howell, Fleming, 17, 4, 2
  • Ousmane Kromah, Fanshawe, 15, 3, 1
  • Mehmed Hajrovic, Crandall, 9, 6, 1
  • Connor Laronde, Georgian, 13, 5, 1
  • Rashawn Bennett, Durham, 13, 5, 2
Bill Crowdis

Written by Bill Crowdis

Born in Langley, BC, raised in Toronto, and a product of Martingrove Collegiate. A two time Toronto All-Star in High school, CCAA national champion and four-time, first-team provincial all-star at the collegiate/university level. Inducted into the Durham College and OCAA Hall of Fame after being named to the OCAA All-Millennium Team, recognizing the top 12 players in OCAA. Crowdis' #5 jersey was retired at Durham. Shortly following his playing career, Crowdis took the coaching reins at SS Fleming College, where he turned around a program that was considered amongst the bottom three teams in the Canada, to a #1 provincial, and top 3 national ranking. Was named OCAA coach of the year and lead Fleming to three consecutive OCAA championship tournaments, along with becoming Fleming's all time leader in wins for the men's basketball program. After a brief hiatus, Coach Crowdis took charge of the program at Seneca College, where he brought the team back to a level not seen since north of 20 years, Lead Seneca to three consecutive top 3 finishes in the OCAA East conference, 3 consecutive trips to the OCAA championship tournament, a conference title and an OCAA final four appearance. While his teams have had some success, Coach Crowdis acknowledges the hard work each one of his players put forward, and believes the key to his success rests on the shoulders of them, and of course All-Canadian players, Neil O'Sullivan, Jovain Wilson and Felix Adjei


6 thoughts on “Top 20 1st Year CCAA Players by Bill Crowdis

  1. Matthew Pohlmann says:

    Hess Mayele played last year for the La Cite Coyotes. How does this make him a rookie?

  2. mike connolly says:

    Good work on the articles you do. I enjoy reading your perspective. One thing, Its Jackson Jacob from NAIT not Jacob Jackson.
    Thanks and keep up the good work

  3. coach says:

    Andre also from La cite is not a first year guy. He played a couple of years ago for La Cite.
    Always interesting reading your articles.

  4. IceManLikeGervin says:

    Nice read. Some names from the PacWest to put out there: Nick Xylinas (Vancouver Island), Bilal Nasqshbandy (Langara), Kanwar Grewal (Langara), Bryce Derton (Douglas), Matthew Hampton (Camosun), Chris Loreth (Capilano), Cordell Parker (Capilano), Mitch Krahn (Columbia Bible), Anoka Athaya (Columbia Bible), Moeiz Athaya (Kwantlen), Devin Cvitanovich (Kwantlen), Jomari Reyes (Quest), Chris McAlpine (Quest). Mike West (Quest) is most definitely one of the top 5 1st year players.

    CCAA basketball & more @ Canadian Hoops Talk Forum .

  5. spartbballer says:

    Keep an eye on Spencer Marion with the ACAC U of A Augustana Vikings. Although the team is not doing well, Spencer has been putting up some good numbers. Home grown talent, as well.

  6. dfghjhg says:

    Nice post thanks for shareang
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