St Laurent & Pagé Go Down to Wire, Intense Battle in Montreal

Courtesy: Sam Mantini

Courtesy: Sam Mantini

Last night showed us that the Montreal basketball scene is something special, with passion and excitement, second to none.

The home team St Laurent Express were expecting a heated battle, as the visiting Pagé squad stepped on the floor.

“We know what we are getting into, Page is athletic and physical,” SL Head Coach Akram Sleiman told NPH in the pre-game.

Page did not disappoint, giving the Express all they could handle, in a 70-68 marathon, in favour of St Laurent.

It was chippy and intense throughout the entire match, with multiple technical fouls handed out.

The environment was ideal for any high school basketball player, as both teams fed off the crowd–St Laurent supporters chanting on one side of the court, while Page was also rolling deep with fans who did not hesitate to respond.

Courtesy: Sam Mantini

Courtesy: Sam Mantini

After asking a coach on the sideline if this was a typical environment when high level teams go at it, he responded, “this is Montreal basketball.”

St. Laurent will now take on Jean-Mance in the semi-final of the Express tournament, while Ottawa Next Level and Hull will play off to advance to the championships.

Expect emotions to escalate throughout the rest of this tournament…and maximum security.


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