The NBL of Canada is recovering from their playoff debacle with a unified front and will soon unveil their ninth and newest franchise in Niagara.

A press conference by the Niagara Basketball Group is set for Thursday to unveil the team’s name, colours, logo, coach and general manager.

BUT when the team website was pushed live a little early yesterday we caught a glimpse of the Niagara River Lions logo.

Niagara River Lions logo

Niagara River Lions logo

The River Lion is a mythical creature that sits at the top of the Niagara Region’s coat of arms to honour Niagara’s first inhabitants, the Neutral Nations and the Iroquoian Loyalists.

What do you think of the team logo/ identity?

Devin Gray

Written by Devin Gray

Devin Gray is a Toronto Raptors reporter & columnist for @NorthPoleHoops providing recaps and feature stories, while writing about OFSAA, the NBA, NBLC, CIS, and Canada Basketball.


2 thoughts on “LEAKED: New Niagara NBL Team Logo!

  1. Nadege says:

    I really don’t like the name. They could have came up with a way better name

  2. Craig says:

    I like it. Especially after reading about the coat of arms. Nice logo and colours.

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