NPH Trailblazers is a North Pole Hoops series, illustrating the careers of influential figures of the past, who have paved the way for the present and future of Canadian basketball.

Pasquale, EliWith the 2014 NBA Draft only three days away, and the Canadian impact more relevant than ever, it is vital that the past is recognized and celebrated.

The following is a FULL list of Canadians that were drafted to the PROS, dating back to as early as 1947, combing multiple eras.

The 2014 NBA Draft will set a new record, potentially having as high as eight selections.


42 Canadians Drafted to NBA

This list is in chronological order

  • Hank Biasatti, Boston Celtics, 1947 BAA Draft.
  • Ernie Vandeweghe, New York Knicks, 1949, 29th
  • Bob Houbregs, Milwaukee Hawks, 1953 , 2nd
  • Richard Spears, St. Louis Hawks, 1964 Rd 13
  • Warren Sutton, St. Louis Hawks, 1964 Rd 12
  • Bob Burrows, Seattle Supersonics, 1969, 169th
  • Bobby Croft, Boston Celtics, 1970, 123rd
  • Phil Tollestrop, Buffalo Braves, 1973, 211th
  • George Rautins, Buffalo Braves, 1975 , 158th
  • Mickey Fox, 1975, Detroit Pistons, 1975, 169th; Portland Trailblazers 1979, 56th
  • Lars Hansen, Chicago, 1976 , 37th, Los Angeles Lakers, 1977, 151st
  • Perry Mirkovich, Portland Trailblazers, 1980 , 125th
  • Jay Triano, Los Angeles Lakers, 1981 , 179th
  • Mike Brkovich, Milwaukee Bucks, 1981, 181st
  • David Coulthard, Detroit Pistons, 1982 , 214th
  • Leo Rautins, Philadelphia, 1983 , 17th
  • Stewart Granger, Cleveland Cavaliers, 1983 , 24th
  • Ron Crevier, Chicago Bulls, 1983 , 75th
  • Tony Simms, New York Knicks, 1983, 128th
  • Joe Kazanowski, Utah Jazz , 1983 , 146th
  • Greg Wiltjer, Chicago Bulls, 1984 , 43rd
  • Karl Tilleman, Denver Nuggets, 1984 , 79th
  • Eli Pasquale, Seattle Supersonics, 1984 , 106th
  • Bill Wennington , Dallas Mavericks, 1985 , 16th
  • Mike Smrek, Portland Trailblazers, 1985 , 25th
  • Dan Meagher, Chicago Bulls, 1985 , 125th
  • Barry Mungar, Washington Bullets, 1986 , 82nd
  • Rick Fox, Boston Celtics, 1991 , 24th
  • William Njoku, Indiana Pacers, 1994 , 41st
  • Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns, 1996 , 15th
  • Todd MacCulloch, Philadelphia, 1999 , 47th
  • Jamaal Magloire, Charlotte Hornets, 2000 , 19th
  • Samuel Dalembert, Philadelphia 76ers, 2001, 26th
  • Denham Brown, Seattle Supersonics, 2006 , 40th
  • ***Andy Rautins, New York Knicks, 2010, 38th
  • Tristan Thompson, Cleveland Cavaliers, 2011, 4th
  • Corey Joseph, San Antonio Spurs, 2011, 29th
  • Andrew Nicholson, Orlando Magic, 2012 19th
  • Kris Joseph, Boston Celtics, 2012, 51st
  • Robert Sacre, Los Angeles Lakers 2012 60th
  • Anthony Bennett, Cleveland Cavaliers, 2013 , 1st
  • Kelly Olynyk, Dallas Mavericks, 2013 13th

***Samuel Dalembert – Lived in Canada from age of 14, was not Canadian citizen until 2007.

***Andy Rautins – duel citizen (USA/ Canada) born in USA.

Curtis Phillips

Written by Curtis Phillips

Curtis Phillips is a Canadian basketball historian, that fell in love with the game as an 11-year old in 1968. He would become a sports journalist print/media and has enjoyed promoting the sport since 1976 from the local, national to international spectrums including the NBA.


4 thoughts on “42 Canadians Drafted to NBA Since 1947 – FULL List! #NPHTrailblazers

  1. WJF says:

    Pretty sure Mickey Fox was an American playing CIS ball, he may be a Canadian citizen now, but don’t think he was when he was drafted.

  2. CJ Phillips says:

    True Micky Fox was an American citizen and we will add a footnote along with Samuel Dalembert and Andy Rautins, who though having played with our national men’s team, were considered Haitian and USA citizens for the NBA draft

  3. SP says:

    Ron Thorsen, a grad of UBC, was taken 209th in the 1973 draft, two picks ahead of Phil Tollestrop. Thorsen was born in San Jose, Calif., but his family moved to Prince George, B.C. and he ended up playing for the national team.

  4. Curtis J. Phillips says:

    Agree that Ron Thorsen should be on the list.

    Had him on my original list a few years back but the officials at the NBA offices knocked him off as they stated that they only look at the country the athlete was born in and citizenship at the time of draft….in his case the USA.

    But then I also included Mickey Fox, Samuel Dalembert, Andy Rautins…..who would fall under same category.

    So with that in mind we should add Ron Thorsen as he did represent us on the national teams. That takes us to 43.

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