How long has basketball been a part of your life? Is the game on your daily list of priorities? Are you a student-athlete who seeks to pursue all opportunities resulting from your athletic abilities? Are you looking to increase your value on and off the court – as a student, a woman, a young professional? Or maybe you just love the game and want to stay involved and give back to it in different ways and at different levels. If your goals are to excel at life through opportunities stemming from basketball, I want to meet you and help you best navigate the possible opportunities. 


Your basketball journey is unique – your successes, challenges and lessons are learned and interpreted as your own. Some will pursue basketball to the post-secondary, professional or international level, others will choose to leave the game in high school; either way, the game’s adversity hones your skills and character. As someone who has lived and learned through various levels of the game, I can be a mentor who speaks from experience and has access to resources to help you excel! 

I have experienced the life of being a student-athlete, and in doing so I have met countless amazing individuals; Other athletes, from all walks of life, as well as coaches and support staff. I have travelled the world and have acquired skills and knowledge that can profit you in your journey. I believe in hard work, unwavering commitment to your goals, respect of self and others, and integrity. 

Girls basketball talent in Canada is BOOMING!! The time to maximize on opportunities for exposure is now, and Northpolehoops is here to help. I’m Micaella and I look forward to getting to know you!


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