The 2016 Canadian National Invitational Tournament (CNIT) is coming to Niagara Falls, Ontario July 6-10, with the U12-U14 (Grade 7-9) action taking place July 6-8 and the older group U15-U17 (Grade 10-12) taking the floor July 8-10 during the NCAA LIVE period.
The official 17U rankings are complete, and have been compiled based on the following–overall team resume (Wins, losses), fire power (top prospects), and first hand team evaluation. 
CNIT teams have been ranked 1-16, but their can only be ONE to rise above and claim the title. With the rankings released, it gives the basketball community an opportunity to get familiar with the 2016 field, however there is still business to take care of in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
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UPlay Canada (Hamilton, ON)

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