Bennedict Mathurin through and through is an NBA prospect. He has a Jason Tatum style of play, a mix of smooth and explosive yet at the lead guard position. He’s headed to a one and done school in Arizona, A Player’s Program. Throughout his young career he has built a pedigree for winning and picking up MVP honours at various NBA events around the world and Canadian National Championships with Team Quebec.

We look at Bennedict Mathurin as a well-rounded scorer, finishing at all three levels. On one play you might see him high in the air climbing over a bigger defender. On another play you’ll see Mathurin breaking down his man and finishing with a pull-up or blow by, and then finally; he’s grown to be a trusted three point shooter whether off the dribble or spotting up.

During NBA All-Star weekend in Chicago was the last time everyone got to see him in action. NBA scouts were impressed with the progression and ability to lead.

He has an ultra competitive nature.

“I don’t care if I don’t score a single game as long as we get the win. In my experience with Team Quebec everyone knew their role, what they had to do and we got it done. I’ll do whatever the team needs, but its all about the win.”

The reason he’s not concerned about scoring is because it comes pretty naturally to him.

Another one and done coming out of Arizona is likely. That one and done prospect is Mathurin coming out of the north side of Montreal, Quebec.

Oh, and his favorite player is MJ.

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