NPH Top 25 National High School Rankings – Week 16


*** All scores, team records, and rankings are up to date as of March 1st, at 9:00am***

1. Canada Topflight Academy (Ottawa, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 1 Ranking Change: None League Record: 11-0 Overall Record: 25-3 Week 16 Wins: Halifax Prep (114-79), Saint Laurent (105-65), RNS (103-78) Week 16 Losses: None

Another dominating performance by CTA keeps them number one in the country. Winning in the Montreal NPA session by an average of 33 points, CTA is still looking like heavy favourites to three-peat as NPA National Champs.

2. Orangeville Prep (Orangeville, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 2 Ranking Change: None League Record: 18-1 Overall Record: 30-6 Week 16 Wins: Ridley College (98-66) Week 16 Losses: None

Orangeville Prep closed out their regular season with a dominating performance over Ridley College. Tyrese Samuel had 20 in the win, while Justice Prentice had 19. When this team gets going, they are almost impossible to stop, as we saw this past week.

3. Ridley College (St. Catherines, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 5 Ranking Change: Up 2 League Record: 14-5 Overall Record: 25-10 Week 16 Wins: FHC (94-68) Week 16 Losses: Orangeville Prep (98-66)

A 1-1 week keeps Ridley steady at the 5 spot. Despite a tough loss to Orangeville Prep on the road, a win against a good road team in FHC is just another example of how Ridley is capable of beating anyone in the country, as they have proven last year by making it to the OSBA finals as a 5 seed. This roster has few changes from last year, and when healthy, remain a threat to get back to the big dance.

4. Father Henry Carr (Rexdale, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 3 Ranking Change: Down 1 League Record: 13-6 Overall Record: 21-12 Week 16 Wins: AI Black (119-83) Week 16 Losses: Vaughan (100-94), Ridley College (94-68)

Two losses has FHC knocked down a few spots this week. Despite the losses, FHC can hang their hat on one of the biggest turnarounds in one year in the country. They remain a threat for the OSBA title.

5. Thornlea (Thornhill, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 6 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 13-6 Overall Record: 21-10 Week 16 Wins: Bill Crothers (106-54), Southwest (92-69) Week 16 Losses: None

Thornlea handled business with two wins this past week against Bill Crothers and Central Tech. Keeshawn Barthélémy had 24 in the win over Southwest, while Jahmyl Telfort had 21. The Thunder are in great shape heading into the post season, and remain one of the favourites to bring home the OSBA title.

6. Vaughan (Vaughan, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 8 Ranking Change: Up 2 League Record: 10-9 Overall Record: 19-20 Week 16 Wins: Lincoln Prep (115-105), FHC (100-94) Week 16 Losses: None

Vaughan finishes the season 5-3 in their last 8, capping off with another win over a top 5 program. Ryan Brooks and Wazir Latiff remain two of the best scorers in the OSBA, while Vaughan will be looking to make a little more noise than just a first round exit in the playoffs like they did last season.

7. Crestwood Prep (North York, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 7 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-2 Overall Record: 20-6 Week 16 Wins: TBA, Victory Christian Ottawa (85-46) Week 16 Losses: None

Two convincing wins for Crestwood this week has them steady at the 7 spot. With a roster loaded with talent, and a style of play that few teams can keep up with, Crestwood still remains a threat to unseat any team above them on these rankings going into the NPA Nationals on March 20-23.

8. TRC Academy (Brantford, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 9 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 14-5 Overall Record: 20-9 Week 16 Wins: RISE Prep (87-82), AI Black (101-83) Week 16 Losses: None

A back and forth battle saw the defending OSBA champs pull of yet another win over a higher ranked program. But no victory could have been sweeter than knocking off their own roommates at the Rise Center in Rise Prep. Sabry Philip and Adam Francolini led in scoring with 20 and 16 respectively, as TRC looks to take this momentum into the playoffs after also defeating AI Black this past week.

9. RISE Prep (Brantford, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 4 Ranking Change: Down 5 League Record: 13-6 Overall Record: 24-12 Week 16 Wins: Bill Crothers (default) Week 16 Losses: TRC Academy (87-82)

Rise Prep fell to roommates TRC Academy in their final regular season game. A close contest from start to finish, Rahmir Moore‘s 23 just wasn’t enough to close out the final deficit. A drop this big in the rankings has more to with what was happening around Rise, rather than just them losing one game this week. Regardless, this will still be a title threat team, especially when their roster gets back to full health.

10. Rothesay Netherwood (Rothesay, New Brunswick)

Last Week Ranking: 10 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-4 Overall Record: 22-6 Week 16 Wins: Saint Laurent (106-76) Week 16 Losses: CTA (103-78)

A 1-1 week in Montreal keeps RNS at the 10 spot. Kellen Tynes had 30 points in the win over Saint Laurent, while Shyheim Malcolm had 23 in the loss to CTA. Rothesay remains a team that can still challenge for a deep run in the NPA Nationals in March.

11. King’s Christian (Oakville, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 11 Ranking Change: None League Record: 11-8 Overall Record: 16-11 Week 16 Wins: None Week 16 Losses: None

King’s Christian has one final game before their playoffs begin, when they take on Central Tech later today. The Cavaliers will be looking to make some serious noise in their first trip to the playoffs, after their first winning season in their OSBA existence.

12. Edge School (Calgary, Alberta)

Last Week Ranking: 12 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-4 Overall Record: 8-7 Week 16 Wins: None Week 16 Losses: None

Edge remains in practice mode until nationals later in March.

13. Toronto Basketball Academy (Toronto, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 13 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-4 Overall Record: 14-9 Week 16 Wins: None Week 16 Losses: Crestwood Prep

TBA was in practice mode this week, but will be heading to South Carolina this coming weekend. TBA still sits comfortably in 2nd in the NPA central division at 8-4, and will be looking to fine tune themselves with a few more trips down south before the NPA Nationals in late March.

14. Southwest Academy (London, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 14 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-11 Overall Record: 14-16 Week 16 Wins: None Week 16 Losses: Thornlea (92-69)

Southwest takes another tough loss to another top ranked team. Jahleel Hilts had 19, while Alec McGregor and Reuben Hasebenebi each had 16. Southwest still has a chance to finish the season on a high note, as they take on RISE Prep in Brantford later today.

15. London Basketball Academy (London, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 15 Ranking Change: None League Record: 6-3 Overall Record: 13-9 Week 16 Wins: None Week 16 Losses: None

LBA had no games this past week after their matchup against Oakville Prep was postponed. They will now next play March 4th.

16. Pine Ridge (Pickering, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 17 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 10-0 Overall Record: 27-5 Week 16 Wins: St. Mike’s (68-45) Week 16 Losses: None

Pine Ridge had one final exhibition against the St. Mike’s Blue Raiders, a convincing 68-45 win, as they tune up for OFSAA. The defending OFSAA champs look poised to make it all the way back to the finals in Hamilton, and seem to be playing their best basketball of the year at just the right time.

17. Central Tech (Toronto, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 16 Ranking Change: Down 1 League Record: 6-13 Overall Record: 20-18 Week 16 Wins: None Week 16 Losses: None

Central Tech will round out their regular season schedule against King’s Christian later today. With a win, the Blues will most likely finish with a winning overall record, something that this program will be able to hang their hat on after playing such a packed schedule in the first half of the season.

18. GTA Prep (Brampton, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 18 Ranking Change: None League Record: 5-8 Overall Record: 7-15 Week 16 Wins: None Prep Week 16 Losses: None

No games this week for GTA Prep, they will be back on the court next week for a time to be named later.

19. Halifax Prep (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Last Week Ranking: 19 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-4 Overall Record: 10-4 Week 16 Wins: Saint Laurent (81-72) Week 16 Losses: CTA (114-79)

Halifax Prep came off a 1-1 week in Montreal to retain their spot at 19. Akoi Yuot had 22 points and 13 rebounds in the loss to CTA, while Christo Ugodo had 28 points in the win over Saint Laurent. Halifax has the size and athleticism to match any team in the country, but they will also need to take better care of the basketball with their run and gun style of play to be an NPA title threat.

20. Lincoln Prep (Hamilton, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 20 Ranking Change: None League Record: 8-11 Overall Record: 8-19 Week 16 Wins: None Week 16 Losses: Vaughan (115-105)

Lincoln Prep finishes there season with a 115-105 loss to Vaughan in the OSBA quarter finals. Derrell McLaughlin-Perreira had 23 in the loss, while Sheymar Ryan also put up 14. Tyler Sagl also managed 25 in the loss, and despite a disappointing end to the season, Lincoln can hang their hat on still qualifying for the playoffs in one of Canada’s top leagues.

21. Saskatoon Basketball Academy (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

Last Week Ranking: 21 Ranking Change: None League Record: 5-9 Overall Record: 5-11 Week 16 Wins: None Week 16 Losses: None

SBA had no games this week, but will be in action later on tonight in exhibition action.

22. Saint Laurent (Montreal, Quebec)

Last Week Ranking: 22 Ranking Change: None League Record: 2-9 Overall Record: 7-12 Week 16 Wins: None Week 16 Losses: RNS (106-76), CTA (105-65), Halifax Prep (81-72)

Saint Laurent struggled to defend home court this past weekend, resulting in a disappointing 0-3 finish that has them dropping a few spots in the rankings.

23.Eastwood (Waterloo, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: Bubble Ranking Change: N/A League Record: 12-0 Overall Record: 43-4 Week 16 Wins: North Park (47-40), Centennial CVI (67-46) Week 16 Losses: None

After a grueling CWOSSAA tournament that saw both North Park and St. Benedict’s fall in the semis, it was Eastwood that emerged from the dust as the OFSAA berth for the Waterloo region after taking down Guelph’s Centennial CVI, Eastwood’s first since 1983. Big man Ladera Ujullu-Obang put on an MVP performance for his club all weekend, backed by the impressive playmaking ability of Layee Jabateh at point. This will be a team to watch in OFSAA, and can be considered at this time as one of the top seeds in the tournament.

24. LaSalle Secondary (Kingston, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: 25 Ranking Change: Up 1 League Record: 9-0 Overall Record: 43-1 Week 16 Wins: None Week 16 Losses: None

LaSalle is off until OFSAA, where they will be making their debut at the AAA level. Look for Luka and Cole Syllas to be the driving factors behind this team as they prepare to make history for Kingston.

25. Brampton Centennial (Brampton, Ontario)

Last Week Ranking: Bubble Ranking Change: N/A League Record: 7-3 Overall Record: N/A Week 16 Wins: d’Youville (57-52) Week 16 Losses: None

Brampton Centennial is proof that it is never about how you start, it is how you finish. After a 7-3 regular season, the Bucks were a middle of the pack seed heading into the ROPSSAA playoffs. However, thanks to some superb run and gun coaching, with Shy Grant and Kevonte Marksman leading the way in scoring, this team managed to upset heavily favoured d’Youville in the finals to punch their first ticket to OFSAA in recent memory. We will be very curious to see how this battle tested team will fair at the big dance.

Have Your Say…Who Should be in the Top 25?

On the bubble:

  • Vaughan S.S. (Varsity) (Vaughan, ON)
  • Saltfleet (Stoney Creek, ON)
  • Westview Centennial (Toronto, ON)
  • Central Toronto Academy (Toronto, ON)
  • Orillia (Orillia, ON)
  • Cathedral (Hamilton, ON)
  • Oakville Prep (Oakville, ON)
  • Terry Fox (Port Coquitlam, BC)
  • Northstar Prep (Winnipeg, MB)
  • St. Patrick’s (Ottawa, ON) 
  • Jeanne Mance (Montreal, QC)
  • Henri-Bourassa (Montreal, QC)
  • Burnaby South Rebels (Burnaby, British Columbia)
  • Holy Cross Crusaders (Surrey, British Columbia)
  • St. John Paul II (Scarborough, ON)
  • Oakwood CI (Toronto, ON)
  • Lord Tweedsmuir (Surrey, BC)
  • Auburn Drive High School (Cole Harbour, NS)
  • Halifax Grammar School (Halifax, NS)
  • Prince Edward Cl (Picton, ON)
  • H.B. Beal (London, ON)
  • Michael Power (Etobicoke, ON)
  • Orchard Park (Stoney Creek, ON)
  • Longfield Davidson Heights (Nepean, ON)
  • Pickering (Pickering, ON)
  • Upper Canada College (Toronto, ON)
  • St. Mary’s (Sault Ste. Marie, ON)
  • Holy Name (Windsor, ON)

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