Godwin Ilumoka, Brock Newton Hamilton Showcase MVPs, More Top Prospects

The Hamilton NPH Showcase is always a strong wrap to the summer’s end in Ontario before the NPH team hits the West Coast for identification and exposure. For the ninth annual year the scouting and video teams hits Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and reaches British Columbia by August 30th.


This past weekend, Godwin Ilumoka (Upperclassmen MVP) came in with purpose and one thing on his mind and that was taking home MVP. Between Ilumoka and Kobe Antwi it was a very difficult decision choosing one because they played consistently at a high level throughout the two days.

Ilumoka’s burst and athleticism were on display with the dunks he got from steals and fast breaks and put backs to clean up teammates’ missed shots.

He’s one of the best guard scorers in the country from the 2020 class and is improving drastically on the defensive side, the mentality and choice to stay engaged is the adjustment that needs to be made. If our projection is accurate, he should end up being recruited by some of the top conferences in the NCAA at the division one level.

After being awarded MVP of camp yesterday, it was announced that he will be attending Superior Collegiate Academy in Clearwater, Florida.

Look out for video on this young man coming out soon.

Brock Newton (Underclassmen MVP) stood out in his age group and was eventually moved up to compete with the upperclassmen. There was a bit of a physical strength challenge considering the age difference, but he rose to the occasion. Newton is very tough minded and excels in pressure situations.

Newton produced well during the CNIT with the Waterloo Wolverines and picked up where he left off at the Showcase.

In the Top Prospects Game, against juniors and seniors he registered 13 points and four rebounds.

The coaching staff at camp was impressed with his ability to stretch the floor and shoot the three, while also being versatile enough to be utilized from mid range and in the low post.

His long limbs suggest that he’ll keep growing beyond 6’6 and eventually end up a swiss army knife at the next level.

Top Prospects From Camp

Kobe Antwi really stood out and is deserving of recognition. He played behind Ole Miss commit Franco Miller and highly touted prospect Jahcobi Neath at Crestwood this season during the prep season.

2018-2019 he’s about to get his. With a deep trusted three ball in his arsenal he’s always a threat. With an improved first step he is able to blow by some defenses. With improved flexibility throughout the season he could become a lock down defender as well.

Derrell McLaughlin-Perraira simply put is a freak athlete. Just looking at his lower body, one would assume that he is a high flyer. The muscular structure in his base allows for quick response and an outstanding vertical. That’s not all he’s got though. He come equipped with some intangibles that made him noticeable at all times.

D. M. P comes with a level of tenaciousness and he is very vocal about it. Since he puts in a full effort at all times, he’s doesn’t shy away from demanding it of his teammates as well .

The high flyer suits up for the Pine Ridge Pumas this season, who will make a run at another OFSAA Championship.

Tre-Edwards and Thomasi Gilgeous-Alexander were able to make it in on Sunday and in that one day of camp stole the show and had their moments. Tre Ewards had aggressive dunks both in transition and when he saw gaps in the half court. Gilgeous- Alexander showed an advanced shooting stroke that had him knocking down triples by the bunches.

Both are division one NCAA talents and have attracted attention throughout the summer. As it stands, there are several mid to mid plus programs taking notice and tracking their progress.

Most Improved

Avery Mellor without a doubt was the most improved player at camp. When he walks into the gym, he does’t necessarily pass the eye test before he gets on the court. Then you watch him warm up and start ball handling and say “wait a minute, we got something here.”

He is deceptively athletic and rises for some tough finishes. At camp, he threw down his first dunk ever!

Mellor’s ball skills are on pace for a shifty breakdown game and excellent control of the offense.

Moreover, he’s constantly looking to be assessed and pick apart different aspects of his game. When a prospect is that engaged in fixing the details, they’re usually on pace to play at a high level, considering where his game is already.

Keep Tabs

A lot of times there are late bloomers who are still molding their game and harnessing a specific skill set. In this camp, Daren Clarke and Andrew Zezela showed flashes of what is to come.

Clarke and Zezela are plugged in. They both have good size for their respective positions at 6’4. Clarke is shaping up to be an elite PG in the coming years and Zezela at the shooting guard position.

These two positions are the most common to come across so prospects must keep in mind that they have to find ways to separate from the others who vying for the same scholarships and spots on teams.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks on the west coast, between Manitoba and British Columbia, we will see 100s more looking to get onto the radar.


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