Quincy Guerrier Recruitment Rockin’ and Rollin’

Quebec’s Quincy Guerrier is making his name well known with over 20 NCAA offers presented to him over the last two seasons. An onslaught of offers came over the first two live periods in April at the Adidas Gauntlet. He is the league’s second leading scorer, averaging 26 points per game and top 5 in rebounds per game at 7.3 for Brookwood Elite.

Guerrier himself, announced on Twitter, the list of new programs that are eager to get involved with him as a 2019 Canadian prospect. Yet this is not your typical 2019 as you’ll learn later here.

Boston College, Virginia Tech, Baylor, Arizona State, Cincinatti, Maryland, Illinois, New Mexico, NC State, Georgetown, Xavier, Texas, South Carolina; these are the schools that have offered Guerrier in April.

Three years ago he was a spot up shooter with lots of potential. Two years ago he developed explosiveness, a better handle and athleticism. This year he is playing with supreme confidence and capitalizing on every opportunity with everything already mentioned from previous years. Today, he is considered a guy to have on NBA radars.

Ibrahim Appiah, assistant Coach at Thetford Academy and Guerrier’s lead player development coach, has taken in every step of the way.

“Quincy understands the responsibility of being a scorer and knowing that he has to keep his foot on the gas. He’s been criticized for not knowing how good he is and had a humble approach. These last two years, you’re seeing him play with more aggression, more of a dog, as he continues to embrace what he’s capable of.”

Appiah has spent the most time with Guerrier one on one. There is a high level accountability coming from his side and Guerrier is fully bought in.

His situation is different from other 2019 Canadians for the reason that he will potentially enter an NCAA environment halfway through the 2018-2019 season.

Quincy Guerrier at the Sun Youth Invitational
Quincy Guerrier at the Sun Youth Invitational

As a native of Quebec, the CEGEP education system is unlike anywhere else in the world and is recognized by the NCAA. High school finishes at the 11th grade and then students go into the CEGEP system usually for three years if they are student-athletes. For regular students who are not athletes, normally they can finish in two years before moving onto a university degree.

Academically, Guerrier is in position to have completed all requirements and have his core courses by January and could either redshirt or play the second half of the season in the NCAA.  

Wherever he chooses, he’s going to come in with a defined skill set that allows him to fill it up often. If you’ve known about Guerrier up until now, then you know he can really shoot it. With the added strength and explosiveness this year, he’s finishing from all over the floor.

After sifting through a long list of notables, Gary Trent Jr. is the most comparable player to Guerrier at the next level.

Both have the abilities to be great catch and shoot pieces, create their own offense with jabs, rips and in-out crossovers. They have the skills geared towards being NBA prospects. If one is to categorize them in a role it would be as elite scorers.

Guerrier is a little bigger than Trent Jr., and has the physical strength to body his way into the lane and finish through contact. For that reason his ceiling is slightly higher.

Moreover, a significant addition in Guerrier’s finishing is how high he is getting for above the rim buckets.

Elite skill, check. Size for position, check. Athleticism, check.

With an ever-growing alpha male mentality, Guerrier has his best years ahead of him.

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