Jaelin Llewellyn – One and Done From Princeton? Could Be First Draft Pick From Ivy League Since 1995

You don’t hear about players getting drafted to the NBA from the IVY League. CANADIANS being drafted to the NBA, on the other hand, is becoming more of a norm. This Canadian, Jaelin Llwellyn has a chance to become the first player since 1995 (Jerome Allen – Penn) to get drafted to the NBA from the IVY League.

Llewellyn is ranked third overall in the 2018 Canadian class, only after a global star in RJ Barrett and Simi Shittu. Patterns have shown over the years that the top 5 from North Pole Hoops national rankings are NBA prospects.

Princeton is bringing in the highest ranked prospect in the league, a five star recruit, in Llewellyn. He will man the point and bring a style and athleticism that is tough to contain and rarely seen in this high academic league.

Llewellyn is the type of player that can change the face of a program and help the Princeton Tigers climb back to the top among IVY programs.

So we know he’s super smart, we know he’s super high character, we know he’s gifted as a play maker in part due to his high IQ and feel. The one variable that we don’t know is whether or not the NBA scouts will value Llewellyn’s projected production in this league.

Some think that it’s far-fetched, and some scouts believe Llewellyn has the make up to go one and done. Physically, athletically and skillfully he fits the mold of an NBA point guard.

Skip to the one minute mark and take in the well groomed Canadian PG; a tapered game with flashes of explosiveness and above the rim finishes.






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