With Final CYBL Session Finished This Past Weekend, Playoffs Are Ahead


With the final session of the CYBL in the books, another fun filled weekend of basketball in Durham had answered some questions and proposed new ones.

YAAACE was able to complete their undefeated season, ending off their fifth session with a win over Halton.

This now makes it 3 out of 5 seasons that we have seen an undefeated team enter the playoffs for the CYBL in the eight-grade elite division.

If history has anything to say about this feat, it is that these team usually end up winning the championship as well.

YAAACE has a good mix of size, length and athleticism in their starting lineup. They attack you with good lead point guard play and constant shooters across the team. Overall, the entire squad plays together with tough physical defense, and smart unselfish play on the offensive end.

However, there are some legit competitors in the age division who, albeit, must play perfect basketball to beat this YAAACE squad.

Triple Balance (Canada Elite) and Bounce East both have a good chance to score the upset as they have some great overall playmakers with good toughness on the defensive end.

Both these squads went to war with each other this past weekend with Triple Balance edging out CIA Bounce East 68-62.

The atmosphere in the gym was extremely volatile as the speed, pace and intensity of this match up was all you could ask for and made for a extremely entertaining match-up.

After being down 5 at the end of the first half, Triple Balance was able to outscore CIA Bounce 42-30 in the second half.


Bounce competing thoroughly all throughout the match but missed some timely free throws and defensive assignments down the stretch.

Watch out for both teams as they are geared to be a force on any given night.

CIA Bounce (Appiah) and Halton Basketball also have a shot at YAAACE with Appiah bringing the physicality, size, and engery to the court while Halton, when healthy and with a full roster, have good pieces at all positions.

The Competitive division is looking like a two-headed monster with both CIA Bounce West and YAAACE Purple registering 14 wins apiece.

Toronto City Elite and Team Breakdown central also have double digit wins on the season with 12 and 11 a piece.

Here are your current 8th grade CYBL standings:

In the younger grade 7 division it looks as if the championship is in grasp on at least the top 5 to 6 teams, with tons of competitive games across the board.

In a new modern era of positionless basketball, this division has really captivated that feeling and coaches are making great strives for development of these young players.

Team Breakdown sits a top of the standings with a 14-2 record followed by NBA Collective at 12-3.

After that there are three teams that hold double digit record wins with CIA Bounce,Northern Kings and Triple Balance all at 10 wins with 5 loses.

As teams head into the playoffs, this division will be all about getting hot at the right time and carrying that momentum throughout the playoffs.

Playoffs for the CYBL will be held March 10th and 11th at Durham College with a champion in each division being named.

Here are the standings for the 7th grade division:


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