Top 5 North Pole Hoops National Player Rankings – 2021 Features Stars Surrounding “The Muon”

Over the last month, the NPH National Player Rankings have been released for the 2018, 2019 and 2020 classes. You are about to dive into the 2021 class,

The stars are bright surrounding “the Muon” in 2021.

That’s not a misspelling, we are referring to Muon Reath, a 6’7 guard who suits up for the defending champ of the National Preparatory Association, Canada Topflight Academy, out of the nation’s capital.

With a class so young, there are so many variables in play that could change things in the coming years–physically, mentally and skillfully.

There are so many prospects in this class who have star power and projections of impact guys and leaders at the next level.

However, potential is just that…we need to see production. #GameSpeaks #MaximizePotential

Reath Carries The Torch For CTA

He’s reached new heights literally and figuratively.

Reath shot up to 6’7 after spending all of last season in a 6’4 frame that was wiry and underdeveloped.

To start the 2017-2018 season he has added some mass and is growing into his body and getting more comfortable in his skin. Mentally, he has transformed from being pushed around last season, to really competing on a higher level against older competition on his own team.

While the team has many returners who are seniors. Reath will be looked at as a major threat on both ends. Defensively, Muon is scary long and covers considerable ground both horizontally and vertically—he will host block parties and pick lanes all game.

Offensively, Reath fits the Kevin Durant mould, long limbed, thin frame, with agility, speed and fast twitch muscle fibres. The X-factor here? He can really shoot it, which separates him from the rest of this class at his size.

We expect to see a Muon Reath appearance at future Canada Basketball team camps, where in some cases he can challenge the class above him.

Another long limbed 6’7 prospect is Kordell Charles of Bill Crothers Prep.

Charles, like the rest of the guys in this class is a young pup, but carries himself with such grace and eloquence. He is a high character student-athlete that coaches are going to enjoy recruiting.

We’re starting to see him break through and show flare in his game.

He’s been a lot more fluid creating from the wing and filling his lane in transition.

The last time Charles and Reath matched up against each other was at the Junior NPH Showcase in Toronto, neither got the best of the other but both showed flashes of being some big time talents.

Montreal’s Next Big Prospect

Georges Lefebvre was been identified several years ago, and he has continued to impress.

Firstly he’s a physical specimen, standing at 6’8 and very coordinated for his age.

Usually with guys this size at such a young age, they look like baby giraffes learning how to walk and run. Lefebvre on the other hand is ahead of schedule in this regard.

No different from the other guys, upside is major, but he is more than just that.

Lefebvre brings great energy to the game and can defend multiple positions utilizing his length to cut off angles for the offense and protect the rim on any attacks. He’s in his first year at Cape Fear in North Carolina. He’ll be tested in one of America’s biggest basketball states.

Kevonne Marshall Top PG In The Class

Kevonne Marshall has been dubbed Hardenesque. James Harden that is.

This comparison was actually made by Harden’s Canadian college teammate, Antwi Atuahene who played at Arizona State, and was a stat stuffer himself in the Toronto basketball scene, as a 6’3 lead guard.

Almost every game he plays, Marshall is a near triple-double. He racks up in the points and assists categories due to his feel for the game and knack for making plays.

At 6’4, he has great size for the position and is starting to trigger the burst in his first step to blow by the first line of defense.

Marshall is projected to play at the highest level once he gets to college, but in the meantime must stay focused on the books and basketball as other guards are on the come up.

Kyle Duke is one of those guards that has played against Marshall on multiple occasions. Kyle is proven at his age group and beyond having played last season in the National Preparatory Association against senior.

He was productive, and displayed flashes of special.

Duke’s ability to create space and get his own shot off is impressive. He can shake off defenders with breakdown moves and use the Euro step to weave and get to the rim.

The aforementioned prospects having been big time producers for their respective clubs over the years, as well as camp environment–the next step will be interesting to track, within the confines of the prep scene and national program.

Look Out, Big Boys Coming In

The names above are the current Top 5 in the 2021 Canadian class, and there are others knocking on the door and peeking in…the next two names are 2021’s we think could potentially break through the door sooner than later–6’8 Charles Bediako & 6’10 Jevonte Brown.

Charles Bediako, brother or national team member Jaden Bediako, now stands at 6’8 and is a very intriguing prospect due to his length and fast twitch athletic ability.

We are keeping close tabs on him as he carves his way in during this season at Ridley College.

Javonte Brown of Thornlea is building his identity and will be evaluated thoroughly throughout this season. We don’t know much on him at this point, but considering his size and age, he is one of few. The percentage of humans in the world that are 6’10 and up is minuscule. Upside is as huge as he is, so we’ll keep tracking.

Again, this class is nothing short of special, meaning there will be a boatload of NBA, NCAA talent to track.

Stay tuned for the next drop of NPH National Player Rankings come season’s end. At the conclusion of the high school and prep season’s we will begin again with the 2018 class and release weekly up until the class of 2021.

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