Andrew Wiggins Visits North Preston, Nova Scotia, Inspires Next Generation


Andrew Wiggins sat down to talk about his experience in North Preston, Nova Scotia inspiring the next generation of ballers.

The Minnesota Timberwolves star was shown the history of North Preston from Loyola University guard Nevell Provo, a native of the city.

“It was a good experience. It was my first time here. Nevell was my host and showed me around the city, showed me how everything is done. This is his hometown so he educated me on the history and to how it is now. There’s been changes but North Preston is still North Preston,” said Wiggins.

Provo is proud of his roots and the history behind the city. He says Andrew ancestry is Jamaican and Bajan but he always claims Scotia.

“It goes back to 200, 400 years with Harriet Tubman coming through the Underground Railroad. That history is different and people don’t really think there’s a lot of black people in Canada especially in Nova Scotia. It was good for him to come back and feel that history,” said Provo.

In addition to learning about the history and life in North Preston, Wiggins was a guest speaker and leader at the elite camp. The former NBA Rookie of the Year wants to help inspire the youth.

“It’s always good giving back, you give the kids hope. They see what someone has become or what someone is doing or working towards doing. It also gives them a lot of thought and preparation to know what it takes to be successful and take it to the next level,” said Wiggins.

The talent in Nova Scotia has always been there but as the players grow up there’s not enough opportunities for them to take.

Wiggins compares the current situation in Nova Scotia to times when nobody was making it out of Toronto.

“It’s like Toronto back in the day when no one from Canada was making it to the States or the NBA. All it takes is for a couple people to open the doors and voilà,” said Wiggins.

Provo is hoping that as he opens a new door the youth can go a step further.

“You have guys coming after me and see me go there (Team Canada and Division I) and say I want to go to the league. Its just steps after steps after steps. Now these kids are going to see Andrew Wiggins and feel like they can be better than Andrew Wiggins,” said Provo.

In the end, Wiggins and Provo want to see the youth excel. They believe basketball is a great tool to get a good education, meet new people and travel.

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