NPH JR. Showcase Circuit: Day 1 Wrap-up


The NPH Toronto Jr. Showcase circuit at Upper Canada College is off to a great start with young and talented players showing off their skillset to the coaches.

Throughout the day, coaches worked with the players on the court. They focused on many major aspects of the game including versatility, driving angles, footwork, spacing and making the extra pass.

Nik Zefi, Roko Biskupovic, David Tyndale, Justin Alliman and Calvin Chevannes led some of the impressive coaching staff. 

Former Brampton A and Orangeville A star of the NBL of Canada, David Tyndale broke down the key takeaways for the players.

“We want the kids to really focus on effort, their attitude, team play, vocal leaders and a defensive midset,” said Tyndale.

Darie Urbanky was supporting his son Ethan, a grade seven student from Etobicoke. He believes the coaches are great mentors and very knowledgeable in teaching the game to his son.

“The coaches are great. It’s a very quality program with many great players. I think getting back to basics and learning the fundamentals from high quality coaches is getting the kids focused.” said Urbanky.

With the best young players in Toronto competing on the court, it raises each of their games to higher levels and shows who can really play against the best.

“I’m blown away by the talent here. There’s definitely NBA players in this gym,” said Tyndale.

Stephen Sukhai was watching his son play in the showcase and says, “The experience is great. Playing with elite players will only help my son develop into the player he wants to become.”

One of the main focuses of day one was the classroom sessions led by Zefi and Tyndale.

NPH’s own Zefi led the social media aspect of the classroom sessions. While social media is the biggest platform for the youth, it’s important they understand the power it has. Market themself in a positive light for future coaches and how to use it to their advantage.

Zefi hoped to show the different social media sites are huge in what you represent on and off the court. There’s also a level of professionalism that even young players must hold themselves to.

Tyndale led the second part of the session called ‘Be a Pro.’ This section focuses on what it takes to get to the college and pro level. There is more to making it than what you do on the court.

“To be a pro it means taking care of your body and being mentally tough. We talk about proper nutrition and sleep. We discuss not ignoring your weaknesses; instead work harder on them to improve. Being mentally tough means to have confidence in your abilities, knowing yourself as a player and speaking what you want into existence,” said Tyndale.

Day one wrapped up with 5v5 half court games for players to use what they learned throughout the day and show their talent in a game setting.

The top players will be chosen tomorrow during the day with Elijiah Fisher being the one to watch. Day two will close with the highly anticipated top prospects game will go from 2:00p.m. – the end the showcase.


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