VIDEO: Young Prospects SHOW OUT at Hamilton NPH Showcase

Two prospect put themselves on the map at the Hamilton NPH Showcase.

Scott Jenkins is a PG with a knack of getting the ball to the right person. Always playing with his head up and looking for the extra pass. His ability to knock down the jumper creates fits for the defence.
His skills were on full display in the Top Prospect game finishing with a game high 18 points with 4 three pointers. Jenkins needs to keep working on his ball handling skills and look to get more aggressive when attacking the lane.

Wyze Bishop is a long guard who is active on both ends of the floor. He is extremely athletic for his age, which is on exhibit with all of his above the rim plays. He competes at a high level and doesn’t let the emotion of the game get to him.
Bishop needs to put more size on physically and keep working on his skills to take over games. More repetitions are key for this young prospect.



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