VIDEO: Shamiel Stevenson – BEASTING at Hamilton NPH Showcase

Shamiel Stevenson is a 2017 prospect out of Oakville, Ontario. Stevenson plays for club program UPlay Canada and plays down south for Wasatch Academy, and his game was on full display in Hamilton, Ontario for the Hamilton NPH Showcase.

The 6’6 wing is a wide body freak athlete that can hang with the best of them. Currently offered by Arizona State, Georgia Tech, USC, and VCU to name a few.

During the Showcase we saw Shamiel sky for rebounds, blocks and dunks, we also saw him hitting open jumpers and running his team to wins. His basketball ability and strength was on full display and with that he earned himself MVP of the showcase.

At camp, Stevenson showed us a whole new player–a talent went from an undersized big, into a legit wing. He has shown considerable growth, and his upside is through the roof.

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