Gordon-LaVine Dunk Battle Highlights Saturday Night

Best dunk contest ever?

Maybe not quite the epic dunk-off between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins in ’88 or the showstopper Vince Carter put on in 2000, but 2016’s was certainly up there.

The duo of Minnesota’s Zach LaVine and Orlando’s Aaron Gordon set a new dunk contest record with six consecutive perfect 50 dunks.

It was the extra tie-breaker rounds where LaVine separated himself from Gordon, who many thought should have won in regulation, capping it off with a between-the-legs-from-the-free-throw-line slam that Dr. J could only have dreamed of.

What do you think?

After winning Rising Stars MVP on Friday night, LaVine has been the king of All-Star weekend in Toronto so far.

“You just watched history,” LaVine said. “I don’t know what we just did. That was creative. I think we should share the trophy. [Gordon] did stuff I’ve never seen before. I had to bring my A-plus, plus, plus game.”

The dunk contest was definitely worthwhile this year after a few lacklustre events in years’ past. Consider the bar raised.

Three-Point Contest

Everybody wanted Stephen Curry to repeat as champ but it was his splash brother Klay Thompson who took the crown scoring 27 on the final round to Curry’s 24.

Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns was the surprise of the night making it through to the second round with the two Warriors, but fell just short in the end.

Raptors all-star guard Kyle Lowry did not make it out of the opening round.

Skills Challenge

In the first-ever Talls vs Smalls format for the Skills Challenge it was a big man taking home the big prize with Karl-Anthony Towns outduelling Isaiah Thomas.

A huge win for the big guys, you might say.

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