Ahmed Ali is Averaging 72 Points Per Game…74 Against Top 2017 Guard James Canlas (34 Pts)


74 points was the latest from Ahmed Ali of John Polanyi…and it might be his most impressive match yet, as it was against Top 25 2017 guard James Canlas. It came in a 90-74 victory over W.L Mackenzie. Canlas had 34 points of his own, and is equipped with one of the best shooting strokes in the country.

I know…what Ali is doing is ridiculous. I spoke with several sources, and none noted him shooting less than 45% from the field in this game.

46. 103. 65 and now 74 points, puts Ali at a 4-game average of 72 points per game with John Polanyi in Toronto league play.(TDSSAA).

If you appreciate fundamental basketball then you wouldn’t be a fan of this type of performance, as its more entertainment than anything else. The name of the game is for Ali to get buckets, with a capacity crowd waiting for every shot. The 5’10 guard throws up a lot of shots, but also makes a lot.

There is no doubt…the kid can fill it up, and in this particular environment he has the ULTIMATE green light, due to a considerable lack of talent on his roster. He needs to score for his team to get wins, and he is definitely doing that.

“If he doesn’t score, the team doesn’t really have a chance of winning,” his prep coach Adeel Sahibzada told NPH.

“He was shooting it from half…its a show,” said Vidal Massiah of King Nation, who was in attendance to catch Canlas, a member of Northern Kings AAU club.

“He has tremendous ability,” continued Massiah, while also noting to take these games with a grain of salt.

Canlas also gave Ali his props.

“He played a good game, came up with some good steals and hit some big shots,” explained Canlas.

“Overall I respect him as a ball player and he showed some really strong attributes both on the offensive and defensive end,” continued Canlas.

What is Ahmed Ali’s upside?

In my opinion, he is a division one NCAA prospect, however what he does between now and the next two years (in Junior College) will be CRUCIAL. He must continue to develop and improve on his weaknesses, as he shouldn’t want to be defined by this run.

Most important, he needs to be careful that all this attention and praise from media, his circle, and community alike don’t blind him from his goals.

Use the hype, don’t let the hype use you.

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