Quebec Marks Final Stop in National Circuit – À Bientôt

Courtesy: Jeff Fulgar

Quebec was the final stop of the North Pole Hoops National Showcase circuit, and we finished with new discoveries, gained insight on student-athletes (on/off the floor), while having the opportunity to work with well accomplished individuals in the QC basketball scene.

The question isn’t whether there is talent in Quebec, more so if it will be maximized. The gene pool is strong with a crop of physically blessed athletes that can run and jump with the best of them.

But the skill sets are lacking, generally speaking, primarily due to a lack of urgency in the development process; this is true across the country in terms of the work ethic necessary to become a multidimensional threat on the floor.

Osvaldo Jeanty. Courtesy: Jeff Fulgar
Osvaldo Jeanty. Courtesy: Jeff Fulgar

During the seminar portion of camp, a player asked seven-year PRO Osvaldo Jeanty “How often did you work out in high school?”

Jeanty responded, “1,500 shots per day in the summer.” The 6’0 guard would go on to win 5 CIS National titles with Carleton University.

The truth is, few are willing to duplicate this type of work ethic, because it’s not fun and it does not yield overnight results. “Rep after rep. Rep after Rep. Rep after Rep…that’s what it takes,” Kyle Julius preached to campers in a huddle.

Skilled players are the ones putting in the most work, as they do not simply rely on athletic ability.

MVP Eze Dike – Most Complete Player @ Camp

Courtesy: Jeff Fulgar

6’0 lead guard Eze Dike earned camp MVP due to his consistency all weekend, in addition to displaying a full skill set.

The 2018 point guard from Montreal possesses a beautiful shooting stroke with arch, rotation and touch, along with superb explosiveness and playmaking ability; his court presence was felt immediately from day one.

Off the floor, we learned that Dike LIVES THE GAME, meaning that he is a diligent worker with basketball as his main focus. I looked him up on social media after day one, and my original thoughts were confirmed through his posts –clean, and basketball related.

Academically, Dike holds an 85% average; he is a player that will earn a post-secondary scholarship given that he stays the course and continues to develop.

Look out for Eze Dike’s camp MVP mixtape.


Evaluating Quebec Talent Early – 2018-2020

The young guns will absorb the most from camp, as they have the necessary time to apply knowledge throughout the rest of their respective HS/CEGEP careers.

Courtesy: Jeff Fulgar


Underclassmen Standouts

  • Haris Elezovic | 2019 | Triolet
  • Loic Savard | 2020 | Ecole Secondaire Jean-De-Brebeuf
  • Bahaide Hairdara | 2018 | St Laurent Express
  • Mohamed Fowzy | 2019 | College Jean-De-Brebeuf
  • Benjamin Datro | 2019 | Emile legaut
  • Michael Masozera | 2019 | College Sainte-Alexandre
  • Sean Herscovitch | 2020 | Bialik HS
  • Khalifa Koulamallah | 2019 | Ecole Secondaire Grande-Riviere


Quebec City Toughness

There was a group of players that attended camp from Quebec City and displayed a certain toughness that was brought to my attention by a university coach in attendance.

Toughness = diving for loose balls, maintaining mental composure, strong on ball defense, high effort levels.


CEGEP Revival?

qc6The 2015-2016 CEGEP season brings high expectations, with the arrival of a strong freshman class. With talent down in recent years within the league, many in Quebec basketball circles believe that this season has a chance to be a revival of sorts.

Could this be a new trend? Will young players within the province buy into the idea of staying home to compete in Quebec’s prep league?

If so, AAA CEGEP has the potential of being one of the top leagues in North America…

Below is a list of campers that will add a new dynamic to CEGEP basketball.

  • Arnaud Boyer Cillis (Vanier)
  • Jerry Lapaix (Dawson)
  • Nudy Georges (Dawson) – Top Prospect Game MVP – 21 pts, 6 rbs, 3asts, 3 stls
  • Judy Georges (Dawson)

Special Thanks


I would like recognize the gentlemen above for taking the time to work with the Quebec Youth at the NPH Showcase.

From left to right (in white):Djim Bandoumel, Max Paulhus-Gosselin, Dwight Walton, Osvaldo Jeanty.

Special thank you to Head Coach Nate Philippe and UQAM – home of the Quebec NPH Showcase.

Until next time…À bientôt

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