Top 5 Defenders in the CYBL Bantam Division

CYBL NEW LOGO JPEGEvery basketball fan, coach, player, and enthusiast alike can agree on one basic principal when it comes to the game – you need defense to win.

So when it comes to the CYBL bantam division and you need a stop, look no further than these five guys to help put the straps on the opponent’s best scorer.

Earlier this week, we shed light on the best scorers in the CYBL, but it’s now time to reward defence.

Top 5 Defenders

Joshua Morgan (CIA Bounce)

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At his size and position there is probably no kid that is stronger than Joshua Morgan. I have personally seen Morgan take it to the rim and have bodies bounce off him in mid-air.

The kid is an immovable object and that’s what makes him such a great on ball defender. Quick feet and strength beyond his years lands Morgan as the top defensive perimeter player in the CYBL.

Nick Kwakumey (Vaughan Panthers)

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Stopping the point of attack in basketball is so important because if you consistently get beat off the dribble, rotations have to be made and an excess of offensive opportunities become available. But this is rarely the case when Nick Kwakumey is guarding the other teams best ball handler. His stern chest and good defensive slides help Kwakumey constantly turn his opponents from straight line drives and recovers well on crossovers.

Sam St. Val (OYBA)

Sam St. Val is an extremely athletic kid that will be a prime prospect coming out of the Ottawa area in the next few years. Besides a great offensive feel for the game, St. Val is also able to play great defense due to his quickness and long arms. He has a good competitive streak about him, and makes impact steals and blocks on the defensive end.

Eric Martin (Waterloo)

One of two rim protectors on this list, Eric Martin of the Waterloo Wildhawks plays defense the right way. He is the space eating type big man who uses his body and height to sometimes block, but mostly alter shots.

Kenny Ngassoue (Vaughan)

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.33.40 AM

Kenny Ngassoue’s nickname should be “springs” as this Vaughan product is arguably the highest leaper at the CYBL.

Ngassoue uses his great size and leaping ability to block shots at the rim, and runs the floor well converting those blocked shots to easy layups on the other end. Defense fuels his offense.

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