The Pro-File – Lizanne Murphy, Done and Done

We are back with another edition of The Pro-File this time with a lady’s perspective.  Lizanne Murphy talks about the end of her year, being named an MVP and looking towards her busy summer right here …

Beaconsfield, PQ's Lizanne Murphy. (PHOTO: Angers Basketball Club)
Beaconsfield, PQ’s Lizanne Murphy. (PHOTO: Angers Basketball Club)

Beaconsfield, PQ’s Lizanne Murphy is our latest professional player to talk about her experiences playing abroad.  After finishing at up at Dawson College where she was named a CCAA All-Star she took her game to Hofstra University where she would continue her on-court success.  She would be a four year starter for the Pride playing well enough averaged 10.4 points, 8.3 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.3 steals and even earning a Colonial Athletic Association Second Team nod as a sophomore.   When she graduated in 2007 she began the play professionally in Europe until she was able to sign to play in France in the uber-competitive LFB.  This season, Lizanne is playing in France again but this time with Angers Union Federal Union Femine 49 where she’s averaging 15.8 points, 7.3 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.1 steal in 34 minutes in 28 games.  You can follow this Senior Women’s National Team vet and her basketball journey right here … 

Hey everyone!

So it has been a while since I last updated you all, but my season here in France just came to a close.

What a season it was!

Before the season started we were predicted to finish 10th out 14 teams, and we went ahead and surprised the entire league and finished 5th. The rankings are usually based on budgets (the more money, the better the team in theory). I’m really proud to have been a part of this group; there are no major 1-on-1 stars on my team yet we managed to fight every night and win a lot of games. With the 5th place finish we have secured a EuroCup spot for next season which means we will compete in the French league and also a league throughout Europe.

Beaconsfield, PQ's Lizanne Murphy. (PHOTO: Angers Basketball Club)
Beaconsfield, PQ’s Lizanne Murphy. (PHOTO: Angers Basketball Club)

Individually, I had a great season and I was actually voted foreign MVP of the league. I was really shocked but it was fun because it’s something I can share with my club and city. I have already resigned for another season, but now is a really tricky time because no team ever stays the same – players come and go – but it is the nature of professional sports. So it is bittersweet because it was a great season but I know some of my close friends won’t be staying on board.

I am literally writing this on the plane on my way home so it is already time to switch gears! This season was fun with a lot of accolades but the Canada Basketball season starts in two weeks so I have to try and maximize my recovery yet still stay in shape going into camp! It is such a tough balance for the players in Europe because we have very little time off. Pro seasons are usually nine months and then Canada Basketball for the women is always 3-4 months long. So the couple of weeks we get here and there are so precious! I am so excited to get back and see my family! My dad has been having some health problems so I am hoping to get home and give him a boost (and I know he will do the same for me). He has his own goal of making it to the Pan Am games this summer!

There are so many things to be excited for and all the basketball that will be played on Canadian soil has me SO fired up! It will be my 9th summer with the National Team and in that time I have maybe played 10 games in Canada. This is huge! Toronto in July and then Edmonton in August for our Olympic qualification tournament. People it is time to get pumped up because we are going to make some noise this summer! Stay tuned and get on board!

Until next time… Now I just have to get to my family, eat a home cooked meal and fight off this jet lag!

A big shout to Lizanne for giving us a glimpse into the life of a professional ball player.  You can check her out on on Twitter @LizzieMurph and on Instagram at @lizannie12 and of course right here in The Pro-Files.  Check back with us periodically to see what the deal is with Lizanne.  


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