BraveHeart Basketball – Next Level Online Basketball Training


Brave Heart basketball is a revolutionary online basketball training system designed for players off all ages and levels, to take their game to the next level.

Since the launch of Brave Heart Basketball less than five months ago, a large basketball community has been built, where driven players at all levels have been taking advantage of high level training techniques, demonstrated visually online.

“We want to be able to give every single player in Canada, U.S or anywhere else in the world an opportunity to do drills we teach our guys, influenced by NBA hall of famers,” explained Global skill developer Mihai Raducanu.

“We can’t always be there with them but they can have all our best stuff,” continued Raducanu.

The Brave Heart Basketball coaching staff is comprised of former professional and NCAA division one basketball players, Raducanu (Coastal Carolina) Kyle Julius (Furman / Guelph) and mobility specialist Dana Heimbecker (Marshall|).

“The drills, skill teaching and everything we do, we’ve use over and over and over with thousands of players who have been successful.”

This training system offers the “4-Quarter Workout” along with valuable information surrounding skill development, nutrition, motivation and more!

Visit Brave Heart Basketball for full details, and find out how to take your game to the NEXT level!


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