CYBL Game of the Night – Canada Elite & Northern Kings Duke It Out

TORONTO,ON–While the madness takes place, the game of the night was not in the NCAA for us. The CYBL High School Division has kicked off for session 1, where the country’s top prospects come together with their AAU program to decipher who the top team in Canada is.

Under Armor Canada Elite and Northern Kings 2017 class (Grade 11s) was the feature game for session one last night at Hoop Dome, where Nickeil Alexnder-Walker played out of his mind and the Northern Kings had no answer for him. Canda Elite took over the second half and won 87-62.

Nickeil Alexander-Walker (left), Jordan Henry (Middle), Josip Vrankic (Right)
Nickeil Alexander-Walker (left), Jordan Henry (Middle), Josip Vrankic (Right)

The combination of Alexander-Walker and Jordan Henry at the guard spots make it a tandem that can match up with any team in North America for this age group.

Henry is coming off of numerous strong performances at OFSAA carrying his Pine Ridge Pumas to a bronze medal.

Canada Elite’s duo at the guard position totaled for 36 points; Henry with 19 and Alexander-Walker with 17 of his own.

They also got a lot of helps on the glass from Josip Vrankic giving them second chance opportunities and putting together a game high 22 points.

Northern Kings were fiery and fought back all game, keeping it close at halftime at a score of 36-28.

Cole Lawrence gave them an energy boost at times catching in the low post and going straight up for two handed dunks. Lawrence is one of the big men in the 2017 class that is coming around quick. It usually takes longer to notice the progression in bigs as they’re getting used to their bodies and getting coordinated.

The problem for the Northern Kings was defensive rotations. Guys fell asleep on too many possessions and allowed for Canada Elite to open the flood gates.

Petar Basta ran the floor as good as his guards in transition was a threat in this game.

Marcus Carr, a 2018 prospect who is coming off a stellar season with St. Michael’s, struggled last night against the length of Alexander-Walker.

It’s still very early in the AAU season and players are getting used to a higher tempo and new personnel.

No doubt Canada Elite is well ahead of many teams in terms of chemistry and set offenses, this will have them ready for their first road trip in April.

For the Kings, there is a lot of talent on this roster as well, it’s just a matter of time and a few more practices under their belts before they display their elite stature for this age group.

Two more days of session one remain for the CYBL High School Division. Games will be played at Hoop Dome, Toronto Pan Am and Markham Pan Am.

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