Players Ejected, D’Youville Advances to Silver Fox Semi-Finals with Five Players

In my eight years covering Canadian high school basketball, I have never seen something like what I’m about to try to explain.

Let me set the scene…

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The Lead Up

It’s late in the end the third quarter and players from D’Youville and Jean De Brebeuf (Hamilton) are tied up in a jump ball.

The game’s intensity is at a high level and neither player is giving an inch.

This is everything you could ask for as a basketball enthusiast – two quality teams battling hard for a chance to make it to the #SilverFox semi-finals.

A foul was charged, instead of what I thought was an easy jump ball call.

Both players are still gripping the ball tightly and not letting go. Before you knew it, multple players jumped in to join the tug of war from both sides.

However, D’Youville seemingly cleared their bench to join the crowded floor. A couple players from Brebeuf were also in the mix.

The refs allowed a simple jump ball call escalate into unnecessary tension, all while standing by watching.

NOTE: To be clear, I’m not endorsing players leaving their benches whatsoever, however refs must do a better job of controlling games, and not hesitate

The Aftermath

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As a result of the chaos mentioned above, the game was paused for a good 10 minutes prior to coming to a verdict.

The referees decided to eject the entire DYouville team except for the five players that were originally on the floor.

Also ejected were two players from Brebeuf.

The players involved with the initial grapple were interestingly not penalized.

“One referee made one decision, and the other referee made the other deicison…they need to make it together,” DY Head Coach Carlo Zoffraneri told North Pole Hoops.

D’Youville Advances with Five Players

The D’Youville Panthers ultimately defeated Jean De Brebeuf, 65-51 despite being with only five players for the entire fourth quarter.

“We talk about team, we talk about coming together, being tough. I thought we exhibited it, and did so throughout most of the game,” said Zoffraneri.

The ejected players sat in the changeroom throughout the final quarter, while receiving updates from DYouville’s video manager over the phone.

It looked like this D-Y group definitely grew through this wild experience.

Coach Zoffraneri spoke about the mood in the locker room after the win, “They were happy, I was happy…when you’re left with five guys, one guy has four fouls and your guys step up to execute without two starters…I was pleased.”

On the other side, Brebeuf made some noise throughout the tournament and proved to be able to compete with some of the best teams in the country. They are well coached, tough and play with high energy…lead by a fundamentally sound point guard in J.R Calura.

#7-Ranked D’Youville will now take on #11 Pine Ridge in the Silver Fox championship semi-finals.

Saltfleet Defeats MacNab in Local Battle

Host team Saltfleet (NPH #15-ranked) defeated #19 MacNab, advancing to the semi-finals against #17 St Marys. Woods Brown and Nick Pett lead the way, and have been consistent producers.

Saltfleet plays a good team game with ball movement, however an interesting indvidual match up will be between Nikola Djogo and Tesloth Simon in contrasting styles. Djogo is a passive facilitator, while Simon is a cold-blooded scorer.

Follow the action live on twitter at @Tariq_NPH and @NorthPoleHoops

Silver Fox Results (Day 2)

St. Patrick’s (Sarnia)                        55                           St. Francis (St. Catharines)                           66

Jay McAuley 16                                                                 Abu Kigab 30

Centennial (Belleville)                    44                           Holy Trinity (Oakville)                                   86

Raheem Silcott 13                                                            Ezeoha Santiago 21

West Humber (Etobicoke)           60                           St. Marguerite D’Youville (Brampton)            92

Fananov Dafinise 17                                                       Damiann Prehay 19

Oak Park (Winnipeg)                      77                           Pine Ridge (Pickering)                                   84 – (Q Final)

William Kohler 23                                                             Chase Vassell 30

St. Patrick (Ottawa)                         59                           Thornlea (Thornhill)                                       66

Mike Soy 22                                                                        Darius Thorne 17                                             

Saltfleet (Stoney Creek)              55                           Sir Allan MacNab (Hamilton)                       46 – (Q Final)

Nick Pett 12                                                                        Shai Alexander 13


Bishop Reding (Milton)                                74                           Centennial (Belleville)                                    30

Xavier Ochu 20                                                                  Zack Mullins 13

Oakwood (Toronto)                        28                           Holy Trinity (Oakville)                                   38

Calvin Epistola 6                                                               Chris Hawkins 14

West Humber (Etobicoke)          68                           Corpus Christi (Burlington)                           52

Tyvell Peters20                                                                  Simisola Shittu 25

St. Patrick’s (Sarnia)                        73                           Cathedral (Hamilton)                                    82

Karol Derech 20                                                                 Kareem Samuel 27

St. Jean de Brebeuf (Hamilton)          00                           St. Marguerite D’Youville (Brampton)            00 – (Q Final)

Mike Soy 22                                                                        Darius Thorne 17                                             

St. Mary’s (Kitchener)                   70                           St. Francis (St. Catharines)                           61 – (Q Final)

Tesloth Simon 30                                                              Abu Kigab 22

Cardinal Newman (Stoney Creek)   53                           Thornlea (Thornhill)                                        44

Tyler Brown 23                                                                  Dre McIntosh 12

St. Patrick (Ottawa)                        59                           Westdale (Hamilton)                                      49

Rona Aya and Adhal Bwolo 8                                     Greg Gordon 18



Saturday morning (Jan. 31) games


9:00        Cardinal Newman (Stoney Creek)     vs.          West Humber (Etobicoke)                           @ Glendale

9:00        Cathedral (Hamilton)                      vs.          Holy Trinity (Oakville)                                     @ Saltfleet

10:30     St. Jean de Brebeuf (Hamilton)          vs.          Oak Park (Winnipeg)                                      @ Glendale

10:30     St. Francis (St. Catharines)           vs.          Sir Allan MacNab (Hamilton)                       @ Saltfleet

Noon     St. Marguerite D’Youville (Brampton)   vs.          Pine Ridge (Pickering)                                    @ Glendale – Semi final

Noon     St. Mary’s (Kitchener)                    vs.          Saltfleet (Stoney Creek)                                               @ Saltfleet – Semi final

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