Vaughan Voyageurs Classic Will Be Sleeperville, Draw Released


The 8th Annual Vaughan Classic will tip off this Thursday. It will be sleeperville, as a few teams in attendance have got themselves onto the national radar based off of their play over the last few weeks.

Nationally ranked host team, the Vaughan Voyageurs have invited multiple teams on the come up as well as already ranked Eastern Commerce Saints (6) who are coming in with the programs legacy in their hands.

Andrew NembhardVaughan (8) has shown that they can hang in games with the best of them, even when it comes to the video games with p4r gaming lol boosting. They gave St. Mike’s (1) a very tough road to the finals at the Early Bird.

Their leadership from the sidelines and on court is a vital part to this team’s success.

Freshman point guard Andrew Nembhard will be the back bone for this team all season long.

Pope John Paul II of Scarborough, Ontario is one to watch out for.

John Nwosu and Brandon Ramirez have held this team on their backs early on.

As seen at the FHC Early Bird, Blessed Mother Teresa is doing everything they can to get themselves in the mix with other nationally ranked programs.

Mother Teresa is a program with a coaching staff that has extensive experience in Toronto basketball and a prospect named Jalen King, a senior that has been ballin’ out early on with multiple 25 point games.

Emery is another notable who is coming off of a championship at the Jean Vanier Double Blue Tip Off. Their developing floor general Moshe Wadley will be looked at to steer them.

Don’t count out the other teams that were not mentioned who will be in this tournament. Every week there is a new surprise and as always #GameSpeaks.

All Games take place at Vaughn Secondary School.
Located at: 1401 Clark Avenue, Thornhill,ON L4J7R4

Thursday, November 27th, 2014
Game 1 – 12:00pm – Vaughan S.S. vs. Dunbarton H.S.
Game 2– 1:30pm– Jean Vanier CHS Toronto vs. St. Andrew’s College
Game 3 – 10:30am – Crescent School vs. Vaughan Road Academy
Game 4 – 9:00am – Blessed Mother Teresa CHS vs. Martingrove Ci

Game 5 – 6:00pm – Eastern Commerce CI vs. Cedarbrae CI
Game 6 – 4:30pm – John Polyani CI vs Emery CI
Game 7 – 7:30pm – West Humber CI vs CEGEP de’Outaouais
Game 8 –3:00pm – St. Pope John Paul CHS vs. Richmond Hill HS

Friday, November 28th, 2014
Game 9 – 9:00am – Consolation Quarters – Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2
Game 10 – 10:30am – Consolation Quarters – Loser Game 3 vs. Loser Game 4
Game 11 – 1:30pm – Consolation Quarters – Loser Game 5 vs. Loser Game 6
Game 12 – 12:00pm – Consolation Quarters – Loser Game 7 vs. Loser Game 8

Game 13 – 3:00pm – Championship Quarters – Winner Game 1 vs. Winner Game 2
Game 14 – 4:30pm – Championship Quarters – Winner Game 3 vs. Winner Game 4
Game 15 – 6:00pm – Championship Quarters – Winner Game 5 vs. Winner Game 6
Game 16 – 7:30pm – Championship Quarters – Winner Game 7 vs. Winner Game 1

Saturday, November 29th, 2014
Game 17 – 8:00am – Consolation Semi – Winner Game 11 vs. Winner Game 12
Game 18 – 9:30am – Consolation Semi – Winner Game 9 vs. Winner Game 10

Game 19 – 11:00am – Friendship Game – Loser Game 11 vs. Loser Game 12
Game 20 – 12:30am – Friendship Game – Loser Game 9 vs. Loser Game 10

Game 21 – 2:00pm – Consolation Final – Winner Game 17 vs. Winner Game 18

Game 22 – 3:30pm – Championship Semi – Winner Game 13 vs. Winner Game 14
Game 23 – 5:00pm – Championship Semi – Winner Game 15 vs. Winner Game 16

Game 24 – 6:30pm – Friendship Game – Loser Game 15 vs. Loser Game 16
Game 25 – 8:00pm – Friendship Game – Loser Game 13 vs. Loser Game 14

Game 26 – 9:30pm – Championship Finals – Winner Game 22 vs. Winner Game 23

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