Jordy Tshimanga Puts up 21 Points and 12 Rebounds at National Prep Showcase

NEW HAVEN, CT–Arriving in Connecticut yesterday afternoon, our eyes and camera lenses were focused on Jordy Tshimanga, a 6’10 center from Montreal, Quebec who had one of the better stat lines of the night. Tshimanga put up 21 points and grabbed 12 rebounds in MacDuffie’s loss to Hargrave Military Academy.

Jordy Tshimanga
Jordy Tshimanga

It’s been seven months since last evaluating this 2016 Canadian prospect in Pittsburgh, and looking at him now, he’s come a long way. Although there’s still room for improvement, his physical make-up has improved by trimming down and becoming more mobile.

Tshimanga looks lighter on his feet and is moving better as you will see in the video below. The big man showed a soft touch around the basket and did an excellent job making himself a target to pass to. He used his strength to establish position wherever he wanted to catch. The next step in his development is gaining the element of explosiveness while still looking to improve his physique.

We’ll keep you posted on other Canadians here in Connecticut, starting with headliner Eddie Ekiyor. Follow along on twitter at @Elias_NPH


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