Kyle Julius to Take NBL Canada By Storm, Accepts Position with Mississauga Power

Aquille Carr in the NBL isn’t the only major news for the National Basketball League of Canada.

Kyle Julius has accepted the position with the Mississauga Power as Head Coach of the team, and is currently the only Canadian HC in the league.

Julius is a former NCAA student-athlete (Furman), CIS All-Canadian (Guelph) PRO (Italian 1st League) and long-time skill development specialist.

As some may know, Julius has spearhead the NPH Showcase Circuit working with top-level basketball prospects from all over the country.

In addition, Julius has extensively worked with top Canadian talent at all levels such as Kevin Pangos (Gonzaga), Duane Notice (South Carolina) Owen Klassen (Acadia / Free Agent), Chad Posthumus (Morehead St | PRO, Japan), Murphy Burnatwoski (Colgate | PRO, Poland) and countless others.

This is a historical move by the Mississauga Power, as Julius will make waves in the NBLC, surrounded around winnning and providing opportunities for homegrown Canadian talent.

Known for his ability to develop players, Julius’ passion for coaching on the sideline is ever so evident, as he takes on a new challenge…one that he has been grinding for, for years.

The Thunderbay, Ontario native now has the opportunitiy he has been yearning for.

After being turned down for the same job last year, in addition to other positions in Canadian University basketball (CIS), Julius is ready to make his mark in the coaching world.

“I’m excited but it is more of a sense of focus and determination,” Julius told North Pole Hoops. “I want and need the challenge as my next basketball step.”

“It’s going to be a grind…but I miss the road trips and the ups and downs of a long basketball season.”

Julius explained that his goal for the team, which he has already discussed with his players, is to take each one and make them better.

Kyle Julius acepts Head Coach position with Mississauga Power
Kyle Julius acepts Head Coach position with Mississauga Power

“I want to work really hard and use all the tricks of the trade that I built over my career playing and training in a team-oriented system and approach.”

As the only Canadian Head Coach in the NBLC, Julius will work to make a considerable impact for our athletes and the game in this country.

“The next thing I want to do is use this opportunity to grow the game in Canada. A lot of our best players are in Europe or NBA and the ones that are in the NBL are very good to, but overall aren’t playing major minutes.”

That being said, Julius expressed that he will not play anyone just because they are Canadian.

“My job is to win basketball games, but I want to work really hard to make sure they are fit to earn minutes.”

KJ has played professionally at a high level, and has been studying the NBLC since it’s inception.

As a matter of fact, he is now the only person to ever have played and coached in the NBLC, having a stint with the London Lightning back in 2012.

“It’s a very good league if you compare it to leagues around the world, for a couple reasons — talent level is high and facilities these guys play in is top notch…better than most in Europe,” explained Julius.

“But it’s also very well coached, and the quality of life in the league is good. Teams travel well and are in great cities.”

Kyle Julius power 2

The Canadian basketball community, which Julius is heavily entrenched in, will be intrigued to track his journey.

On the flipside, KJ will engage that same community to build awareness for the Mississauga Power.

“Im going to work really hard ..I dont think people really understand how good the league is. In order to get fans in the stands, we’re going to have to win and win with our Canadian players.”

“The game is on fire in Canada and I want our talent to be a part of this. We will make sure that all our guys are razor sharp, and then we have something to sell to the community.”

What about the talented American players?

“Im 100% pro-Canadian but first and foremost pro-winning, so I will play who I have to play to win.”

Julius has already formed his staff with Stu Julius, Mike King and Mark Walton as assistant coaches.

Mihai Raducanu, will be Head of Player Development for the Mississauga Power.

When asking about his ambitions and goals for hid first year, Julius replied, “I want to win every game we play, and we want to prepare for every game. One game and one day at a time.”

“If that leads to the finals, then it will.”

Julius shed light on his new rival in the Brampton A’s, who he will go to battle against throughout the year.

“If I can have anywhere near the impact that Coach Magley had on the Brampton A’s in his first year, I would be happy.”

Brampton finished with a 29-16 overall record, good for second in the league, behind 2013-2014 NBLC champion Windsor Express.

As the pre-draft combine is right around the corner, Julius has wasted no time…from scouting (for his team and his opponents) to working the phones (players & agents).

“Since I got the job, I’ve watched tape on every team before I go to bed.”

That is Kyle Julius in a nut shell…passion second to none, competitive edge second to none.

A true leader…a true winner.

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