Tyler Ennis as a Toronto Raptor?


BROOKLYN, NY–Rumblings in New York on the possibility of Tyler Ennis ending up in Toronto with the 20th pick are real.

If Kyle Lowry is expected to head out, there’s no other rookie guard who will be able to handle the spotlight in his home city like Tyler would. Poise.

As much as I like the idea of having Ennis playing for the Raptors, his talent level should not have him available with the 20th pick.

Tyler Ennis PGIt’s a very unpredictable process, where one team’s choice can directly mash up the decisions of teams to follow.

Tyler Ennis being left to nearly the end of the first round does not seem right to me, especially considering he was viewed as a lottery pick at one point by many NBA experts.

I believe that Ennis is the purest PG in the draft and those looking for a floor general will be extremely happy with his services.

It’s all about value and dollars at this point, and Ennis has proven his stock at every level he’s played at. Since his high school days at Father Henry Carr to his final game at Syracuse he’s been known to be an incredibly poised and high character individual and this is a trait that has not altered and will transfer over to the NBA directly…everything you want in a lead guard.

The chatter about Ennis dropping in the draft was attributed to how well other guards did in their workouts. What needs to be put into perspective is that Ennis’ IQ and understanding of spacing and angles are not things that are not necessarily attractive or even distinguishable in workouts. HE’S A GAMER.

Ultimately, I see him having a Trey Burke affect if he’s able to get picked up by a team that can provide similar type of floor time.

His cerebral ability keeps him calm in pressure situations, where we’ve seen him come clutch time and time again.

He was the rock for his team at Syracuse and gave them whatever they needed every given night. Playmaking has always been his forte, but we also learned early in his career that he is able to score when needed.

Aside from all the accolades he’s picked up in high school, AAU, & the National Team, what people will remember most is the 25-game win streak that he was a part of at Syracuse…Not just a part of…was the engine for.

The first time we saw him in full scoring mode was right before Syracuse, for Team Canada JRs where he lead the FIBA World championships, averaging 21 PPG

I’m not saying he’s supposed to go ahead of Dante Exum or Marcus Smart, but I don’t feel he should be around at 20.

If he is…well then, welcome back to Toronto!


Elias Sbiet

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