2014 Adidas Tri-City Top 40 Rosters Released

Adidas Tri-City Top 40

KITCHENER, ON–It’s that time of the year again, the Adidas Tri-City Top 40 camp is back at Core Facility where a collection of Kitchener-Waterloo top underclassmen will compete against, and train with one another in a high intensity weekend of basketball. Canadian professional basketball player Imad Qahwash is back home from Spain to steer the ship as event director and skill development instructor for camp.

North Pole Hoops and Adidas Tri-City Top 40 are partnering up for the third consecutive year to provide maximum exposure on Canadian soil to an area of the country that is booming with raw talent. Between May 9-11 the prospects below will get very familiar with each other in a competitive atmosphere that will ripen their skill set an attitude toward development.

Jamal Murray remains the most notable player to come out of this regional camp. He is now being recruited by high-major NCAA programs, and you will continue hearing about this special talent out of Kitchener, Ontario.

Last year’s Tri-City MVP’s, Sasha Simic and Nedim Hodzic, made it undeniable that they were the top prospects in the gym through consistent production in games and relentless work ethic in drill work.

2013 Tri-City MVPs
Sasha Simic (left), Imad Qahwash (middle), Nedim Hodzic (right)

Simic and Hodzic went on to have strong high school seasons where Simic was a producer at the senior level for Cameron Heights and Hodzic showed a developed skill set and signature knack for rebounding with Sir John A. MacDonald.

Both prospects earned a spot into the annual North Pole Hoops Platform which brings together a selection of Canada’s top prospects.

Below is a list of the names at this year’s camp. Some familiar names to the scouting team at North Pole Hoops made their first impression during the regular high school season or at camp last year as ninth graders. Guys like Chris Jin, Adham Eleeda and Korbil Gany.

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2014 Adidas Tri-City Top 40 ROSTERS


Chris Jin, 6-0, Point Guard, Centennial, Guelph, ON
Eddie Omari, 5-7, Point Guard, St. Mary’s, Kitchener, ON
Mark Shinouda, 5-10, Guard, Centennial, Guelph, ON
Adham Eleeda, 6-1, Guard, St. Mary’s, Kitchener, ON
Jamie Grant, 6-0 Guard, North Park, Brantford, ON
Luke Wouters, 6-0 Guard, Orangeville HS, Orangeville, ON
Patrik Martini, 5-9 Guard, Pere Rene Prep, Guelph, ON
Kido Okeleke, 6-3 Guard, St. Roche Brampton, ON
Brenden Lyver, 6-3, Forward, Centre Dufferin, Dufferin, ON
Eli Hesse, 6-3, Guard, Centre Wellington, Fergus, ON

Jake Chaput, 5-9, Point Guard, Bishop Mac, Guelph, ON
Chris Poloniato, 6-0, Point Guard, Bishop Mac, Guelph ON
David Nguyen, 5-11, Guard, St. Mary’s, Kitchener, ON
Minas Abara, 6-1, Guard, St. Mary’s. Kitchener, ON
Jasmer Brar, 5-9, Guard, Centennial, Guelph, ON
Devon Gallivan, 5-8, Guard, SJAM, Waterloo, ON
Julian Renzetti, 6-1, Forward, J.F. Ross, Guelph, ON
James Gerstenkorn, 5-10, Guard, Lourdes, Guelph, ON
Jordan Kenning, 6-4, Forward, Resurrection, Kitchener, ON
Eric Purdy, 6-1, Guard, Jacob Hespler, Cambridge, ON

Michael Dubois, 5-11, Guard, St. John’s, Brantford, ON
Ali Rashid, 5-9, Guard, Resurrection, Kitchener, ON
Luke Kivell, 6-1, Guard, Glenview Park, Cambridge, ON
Ben Jenkins, 6-1, Guard, Huron Heights, Waterloo, ON
Jordan Deveney-Reid, 6-1, Monsignor Doyle, Cambridge, ON
Kyle Tuohy, 6-3 Forward, Orangeville HS, Orangeville, ON
Nigel Carey-Kockan, 6-1, Guard Orangeville HS, Orangeville, ON
Joe Hunter, 6-0, Guard, Resurrection, Kitchener, ON
Blayke Ferguson, 5-11, Guard, Westside, Orangeville, ON
Liam Courtney, 6-8, Center, SJK Prep, Kitchener, ON

Greg MacEachern, 6-1, Guard, Bishop Mac, Guelph, ON
Zach Hamed, 5-11, Guard, North Park, Brantford, ON
Kyle Webster, 6-2, Forward, North Park, Brantford, ON
Antoney Bell, 6-2, Guard, Pere Rene Prep, Waterloo, ON
Brandon McIver, 6-1, Guard, North Park, Brantford, ON
Adam Dingwall, 6-2, Guard, J.F Ross, Guelph, ON
Mitchell Devonish, 6-1, Guard, Preston HS, Cambridge, ON
Jake Rush, 6-0, Guard, Resurrection, Kitchener, ON
Korbil Gany, 6-4 Guard, Resurrection, Kitchener, ON
Curtis Gordon, 6-0, Guard, J.F Ross, Guelph, ON

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