Five Canadians at Dick’s Sporting Goods National HS Tournament

The world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden will be host to Dick’s Sporting Goods National High School Tournament featuring eight of Americas top high school programs.

Dick's National High School Tournament in NYC

Canadians that have competed in this tournament in the past include; Tristan Thompson, Myck Kabongo, Corey Joseph, Tyler Ennis, Kevin Zabo along with a handful of others. All who have been mentioned have had a tremendous impact on their teams. The Canadian crop in this year’s tournament is no different.

This year’s tournament has four top prospects from the 2015 class; Chris Egi (Montverde), Montaque Gill-Caesar (Huntington Prep), Munis Tutu (La Lumiere) and Dillon Brooks (Findlay Prep).

Justin “Action” Jackson will represent the Canadian 2016 class as he suits up for Findlay Prep, a team that has had great success with stacked rosters at this national tournament.

What to expect

Chris Egi – Put back dunks, shots swatted, loud and intense. Egi puts on for defending champions Montverde Academy. This Harvard commit plays with a high motor and a tonne of passion which is displayed through his highlight reel shot blocking, ability to get up and down the court in transition and overall production in the rebounding and scoring categories.

Harvard made a strong run in the NCAA tournament this year before losing to the Michigan State Spartans (now heavy in the mix with Montaque) in the round of 32. This IVY league program is now competing with the more bouncy and speedy teams and the addition of Chris Egi’s athleticism will aid in that regard.

Montaque Gill-Caesar – He and Huntington Prep will face off in the quarter-final round against fellow Canadian Munis Tutu and his La Lumiere Lakers. Gill-Caesar is one of the most versatile wings in this tournament and will undoubtedly create mismatches because of his improved three point shooting and ways of getting to the rim.

His strength, athleticism and skill set have most people believing that he’s ready to commit to an NCAA program and reclassify to the 2014 class.

He will be another Canadian to come in an contribute in great ways to a high-major program in the near future.

Munis Tutu – The soft spoken floor general. Wait a second, does that even make sense? Who’s ever heard of a floor general that is soft spoken? Tutu directs the team through hand gestures, eye contact and his ability to create offense for his teammates off the dribble.

Tutu is a two way player that uses his length and picks off balls that he spots in the passing lanes for fast break points. The beauty in watching Munis Tutu play is that he provides whatever the team is in need of. The last sighting of Tutu was in Hamilton at the Hoops Classic, where La Lumiere did not have all of their pieces due to passport issues. We are very interested in seeing his distribution skills with a full roster and more scoring options around him.

Dillon Brooks – Bouncier than ever and added a great deal of strength. We love watching Dillon Brooks in action because of the intensity level that he brings to the floor and the bench.

Has showed extended shooting range throughout the season and will put this on display for Findlay, before jumping on the EYBL circuit with CIA Bounce.

Justin Jackson – Regardless of nationality, he is the tournaments most dynamic prospect, being able to play from the 1-4. It may sound crazy because of his size, but Justin Jackson is best suited playing point and having a Magic Johnson type of role on the team.

We have yet to see him in this role because of the star power on Findlay’s roster which requires the likes of Derryck Thornton Jr. and Kelly Oubre to have the ball in their hands for the majority of the time.

Justin Jackson’s time with The Association this summer will set him apart from other prospects across america.

O’Shae Brissett – He will remain inactive and start playing again during the AAU circuit.

Follow along for live updates from Christ the King High School or catch the action on the ESPN networks.

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