Dejan Kravic Diary #3 — Wiggins Buzzer Beater, Marcus Smart Ahead & BIG 12 Expectations

I am currently writing on our private plane heading to Stillwater, Oklahoma. We play Oklahoma State tomorrow night and if you know what happened last time we played them, you know that an intense battle with a ferocious crowd is awaiting us.

Marcus Smart is also returning from suspension so we are definitely in for a tough one, but what do you expect? It’s the Big12; every game is a dog fight.

Dejan Kravic matched up against Joel Embiid |Courtesy: Stephen Spillman, AJ Media | AP

Overall, we have had a solid season and we may have exceeded other peoples expectations, but not ours. We know we can compete with any team in the Big12, but we can’t settle for moral victories. The game against Kansas is a prime example. (Editors Note: Kravic: 13 points, 3 rebounds, 6/8 FG).

We had them beat, but at the end of the day, we lost and they won. I wasn’t able to sleep the next two nights because that final play kept replaying in my head. What’s worse is that it brought back memories of when my Westminster Wildcats high school team lost at the buzzer in overtime of the OFSAA finals. Appreciate it Wiggins…

Nonetheless, you live and you learn and move on to the next one. I got a lot of love from my friends and family after the game. A Texas Tech game was finally aired in Canada so I’m happy that my London and York University people got to see me play. I doubt any of them ever pictured me making it this far and especially matching up against a potential number one draft pick in Joel Embiid. But then again, I never would have thought that as well.

I have five regular season games left in my career. On March 8, it will be my senior night vs. the Texas Longhorns.

I am especially excited because my family will be attending and, hopefully experiencing a live sold out home crowd. After that comes the Big12 tournament in which there are 9 teams that have a chance of winning it. My teammates, coaching staff, and I believe we can win this tournament, especially knowing that it will book us a ticket to March Madness.

I will let everyone know how it goes but until then, see “ya’ll” later! Time to play some flappy bird until this plane lands.



God bless,


– @Dejan_Kravic

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