Father Goetz Earns Respect, D’Youville Captures RimRocker at the Buzzer

Everyone that has been following the Ontario basketball scene expected “round three” at the Xavier Rimrocker championship — D’Youville VS. Father Henry Carr.

But Father Goetz (Mississauga) had other plans.

Xavier Rimrocker champions- DYouville

After shocking Henry Carr in the semi-finals 62-57, the Gators marched on to the championship, making it an all-Peel battle, giving D’Youville everything they could handle.

D’Y would be crowned the eventual champ, on a buzzer-beating lay up by Addy Agunye, inbounded by Keshon Montague. But Goetz certainly earned their respect.

“They take and make tough shots, they went to the boards on the offensive side and made some big plays to make the game tight, so credit to them…a great basketball team,” stated D’Youville Head Coach Carlo Zoffranieri.

Lead by Marcos Clennon, Freddy Ibrahim, Matthew Carating and multiple shot makers with confidence, the cinderella Gators won the crowd over by the third quarter and had everyone waiting on their next move.

Father Goetz Big 3: Freddy Ibrahim, Marcos Clennon, Matthew Karating
Father Goetz Big 3: Freddy Ibrahim, Marcos Clennon, Matthew Karating

Freddy Ibrahim (16 points) officially broke out, displaying great poise and playmaking abilities at the point. Marcos Clennon was just a beast on both ends, registering game-high 23 points, to go along with 10-15 rebounds and at least six blocks. Matthew Carating added 12 points, including multiple clutch buckets.

Jerome Simpson (17) and DamiAnn Prehay (16) lead the way for D’Youville. As one university coach told me throughout this tournament, Simpson seems to always be in the right spots, and in this case was able to run the floor and finish in transition.

“I like to win the Rim Rocker and I know the kids are excited but my goal is to get back to OFSAA and have a chance to play for a ROPSAA championship…I’m looking long term,” explained Zoffranieri, who stood reserved.

“If we don’t improve, I think the next time they might get us,” he continued, referring to Father Goetz.

Do you think the guys underestimated them?

“I don’t think so, I think we were ready to play…they are good.”


NPH Top Performers


  • Jerome Simpson – 16 points
  • DamiAnn Prehay – 17 points

Father Goetz

  • Marcos Clennon – 23 points
  • Freddy Ibrahim – 16 points
  • Matthew Carating – 12 points



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